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Scissor-style trimmers look and operate much like ordinary scissors. Scissor-style trimmers are more durable than guillotine clippers and their blades seldom need replaced. However, they may not be suitable for those with small hands.

“Clippers are a paint by number and scissors are the stroke of a painter’s brush” author unknown.

Having spoken to a lot of gentleman clients at my salon, I get the impression that men looking for a more high-end and styled haircut tend to shy away from the usage of mechanical clippers, as they see it as an “easy option”. This is incorrect. Both clippers and scissors are essential weapons in the stylists armoury. Clippers, in the right hands, give a very precise & clean finish and can keep the cut to an exact length. I like to use them both with and without the plastic “grades” or guards to create a really tight faded finish. A lot of current on-trend styles are going very short on the sides whilst leaving a lot a length on top and the clippers provide a great contrast between a clean finish on the back and sides to the longer textured top.

Aug 7, 2014 - What's better: manicure scissors or nail clippers

Brandon specializes in Clipper cuts, Scissor cuts and color. Creative and precise While using scissors throughout the trimming process is totally possible, it is tedious work and will not give you as good a result as clipping (i.e. trimming with an electric clipper). An electric clipper comes with blades or guide combs that help you trim your dog’s hair to an even length easily. With scissors, it will be more difficult to achieve that.

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The grip on these clippers is especially comfortable for scissor-style nail clippers. Since they are a little larger than average, the rings for your fingers are roomier than on similar clippers.

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I would like to offer my professional opinion and put to rest some misconceptions that I believe men in the salon chair may have about the differences between a scissor-over-comb cut and a clipper cut.For larger dogs, we recommend the . This larger style of scissor-type clippers will help you make short work of even the toughest dog nails, and they’re designed to make it harder to cut into the quick as time goes on.Whatever style you chose for your next visit to the salon, remember that both scissors and clippers are just tools for the stylist and either (or both) can be used to create the look you want. Let your stylist advise you on what they think might give you the best result and why. Don’t limit yourself or your stylist for in the search for a better haircut!These scissor-style clippers are ideal for larger dogs, and will help you make short work of these breeds’ thicker, stronger nails. They’re made of extremely sharp stainless steel, a hard material which is sure to hold its edge over a long period and since you’ll only be using them once a month or so they’ll last for years with a rather minimal investment.