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We start with one of our Balls, install our Scent Enrichment option, and cut several holes into the ball body so the scent can escape. The holes are small enough that the animal cannot get into the ball to grab the scent enrichment removable screen. All you do is add the desired scent. From there, it’s PLAY TIME!!

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Brigham City, Utah-based Storm, the fourth-largest bowling ball manufacturer, has a patent pending on the scented balls, which cost $150 to $250. Storm's president and chief executive officer, Bill Chrisman, used to work with cleaners and knew that people associated scents with particular cleaners, so he decided to try it on bowling balls.

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Two Sputnik Inspired Summertime Catnip Scented Balls Made from Hand Felted Wool high-quality Another drill is with Murphy at heel on the way out to a training session, I throw all three balls into the woods in a specific area. I pick a tree or other marker so I know where they are when I return. I then proceed to the training session, go through the drills, and then on the way back, some 30 minutes later, stop at the spot and send him after the balls. This builds his memory, as well, as he remembers these balls being thrown even after an extended period of time. It is important for me to have a good sense of where they are, so I can use hand signals if necessary to get him in the vicinity, particularly on the last ball when there is some residual scent left from the first two balls. Not only does this build the understanding of hunting hard when I tell him, but it works handling as well.

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What I learned is that they are the perfect tool (and great fun) to use in training a dog to hunt with his nose, particularly in deep cover where the object of the retrieve is not apparently visible. Rolled into deep cover, they create a scent trail that encourages the dog to follow his nose. With a puppy, it is great first exposure to following a scent trail rolled in front of him, allowing him to discover his nose and begin to awaken the hunting instinct. I have used these in almost every training session from the beginning because Murphy can get bored easily with drills, and these tennis balls always bring him back to peak interest.

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