russian dwarf hamsters -- you start with 2, and before you know it..

The term ‘Dwarf Hamster’ or ‘‘ refers to one of a few different species of small rodent that originates from parts of Asia, Russia, and China. They make excellent pets for children and adults alike.

Russian dwarf hamster ... Looks like my little bug ! I want another one !!

How to easily clean your hamster cage fast – What we do for our male Russian dwarfs is place hamsters in their exercise balls, empty all old bedding, nesting (tissue) and remaining food into a bin bag. Once this is done, all plastics are sprayed with special anti bacterial hamster cleaner, turn the shower on and adjust the shower head to the most powerful water flow available. Using the shower we thoroughly rinse out the base of the cage, tubes and toys making sure all antibacterial spray is removed. Then simply dry everything with a towel and rebuild cage.

Russian Dwarf Hamster OMG! How cute!

Campbell’s Russian dwarf hamster (Phodopus campbelli) at the Capital Humane Society. The chances of Russian dwarf hamsters living together may be little, but it is important to understand that when keeping two together, you will need:

Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamster

I have a male russian dwarf called Nugget, and i've had him for almost a year now.. i'm getting a new and bigger cage and i'm thinking about getting another male russian.. i've been told they will fight to the death so i'll try this.. my hamster is a bit bitey sometimes so i'm worried he won't like the new room mate..

Has your Russian dwarf hamster had unexpected babies?

The Russian Dwarf Hamster is a relative newcomer to the world of domestic pets. In 1963 they were being kept in zoos in England, and in 1970 they were introduced to the pet market. They came to the United States in the early 1980s and have only been legal in California since 1994.The Russian Dwarf Hamster has a bullet shaped body, about 3 inches in length, with the male being slightly larger than the female. They have short, broad heads with small round ears. Their tail is barely visible, and their feet are furred. Their fur is dense, with a thick undercoat, and the natural color is grayish-brown with a slate undercoat. They come in a number of colors including Normal, Albino, Argente, Opal, and Platinum. There are only two coat types, Normal and Satin.There are two types of Russian Dwarf Hamsters, the Campbell’s Russian Dwarf, and the Winter White Russian Dwarf, A third type of dwarf hamster, the Chinese Hamster, is currently illegal in California.Below are some pictures of different colors of fancy Russian dwarf hamsters. Most of these are Campbell’s dwarf hamsters unless they are specifically referred to as Winter White. However, it is difficult to identify the actual species because of a lot of crossbreeding so some of these hamsters may be hybrids. You probably won’t know for sure unless you got the hamster from a breeder who knows exactly the genetic lines of her stock.