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Ruffwear is proud to support dozens of Avalanche Rescue teams around the United States and Canada by providing gear for these highly trained rescue dogs. Joined by their handlers, these avalanche dogs train on their mountains everyday during ski season ensuring the safety of visiting skiers and snowboarders.

These specially trained dogs are skilled at locating victims under the mass created by a snow slide. Wearing red Ruffwear , the rescue dogs are visible canine landmarks when cruising down the slopes of many ski resorts across the US. The Web Master™ Harness, like many of Ruffwear's products, was designed using input from rescue teams to withstand the extreme use and conditions encountered by avalanche rescue dogs.

The key to training and certifying a dog for avalanche rescue is the reward at the end of the dig. Most avi dogs enjoy a play session with their trainers following a successful search.

Beyond the gear that Ruffwear provides to these awesome teams, we are proud to help with fundraising for Wasatch Backcountry Rescue (WBR), a non-profit organization that provides life-saving rescue and recovery services in the Utah backcountry to the general public. As part of our efforts to raise the profile of WBR and help them raise funds for their operations, we are happy to offer their to Ruffwear fans. Ruffwear provides the proceeds of these hat sales to WBR to help fund their team training exercises and education on avalanche awareness. It’s a great way to show your support for this amazing group of avalanche professionals! To learn more about WBR, .

Ruffwear sends our thanks to these extraordinary teams and the rescue missions they accomplish. See you on the slopes!

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Since someone compared it to the web master: I will say that I also have a Ruffwear web master, and I bought the front range for a completely different reason. The web master is for biking- I like the support it has, the strap around their tuck up makes backing out of it nearly impossible, and the handle makes moving them around the bike easy. But, it doesn't have a front attachment loop. In my world they're completely different harnesses with different purposes, but I will be thrilled if the front range is half as well made as the webmaster. That's what I want for the puppy, so when I saw the front range harness on sale I decided it's worth a shot.

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