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There is strong evidence that grasshoppers have a high allergenic potential and increasingly are invading our homes together with the reptile pets. So far, besides occupational grasshopper allergies no private sensitizations were described, but have to be expected considering the great market growth of reptiles and associated insects for feed. We evidence here that indeed via grasshoppers as feed for reptiles within a short time period a highly specific, clinically relevant hypersensitivity with severe asthma can be induced with a long-term memory. The reptile keeping in the home results in airborne dissemination of allergens from wings, legs and -according to the literature [] - from the peritrophic envelope of feces, and at an allergen level sufficient for sensitization as well as triggering of symptoms.

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The trend towards more realistic and naturalistic terrarium landscapes has made reptile and amphibian keeping more exciting and satisfying than ever. This new dimension has created, not only an opportunity for us all to educate ourselves about the natural conditions in which reptiles and amphibians live, but has also provided a whole new perspective as well. Simulating natural habitats enable us to enjoy that little piece of amazing wilderness in our own homes.

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Online Pet Supplies  or our Facebook page Reptile Homes & Living please take a look. "We are seeing a shift in the attitude towards reptiles from a pure hobby or biological interest toward a human-animal relationship with an emotional component. It is difficult to estimate the number of reptiles and food animals living in people's homes and the undisclosed figure is sure to be high," Jensen-Jarolim believes. She recommends keeping reptile food outside of homes. The reptiles themselves should not be kept in living rooms, as undigested insects end up in the terraria via the faeces. This could result in pet owners inhaling the aggressive allergens, leading to allergies such as asthma or skin inflammations.

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Unfortunately, like most zoos, Reptile Gardens is unable to take in unwanted or abandoned reptiles. The best place to look for a home for an unwanted animal is on the internet. Search for "Reptile Rescue" to see if there is one near you. Once you find a rescue facility, you might want to check into them a little, as with all things, there are good and bad reptile rescue facilities. Other options include the local pet stores, newspapers which often offer free classified ads for lost animals, Craig's List, and Facebook groups dedicated to finding homes for unwanted reptiles.

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