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There are two types of heat that are important for your Ball Python – ambient temperature and surface temperature in the “basking spot”. Getting the temperatures right can sometimes be tricky, especially for the novice reptile-keeper. We recommend belly-heat for Ball Pythons, accomplished either by an under tank heater or heat tape. Your local pet store should carry under tank heat pads, and heat tape is available from online suppliers. Both should always be controlled by a thermostat (proportional or on-off) or a rheostat (light dimmer), and temperature should be monitored by a digital thermometer with a probe over the heat source, or with a temperature gun. Heat bulbs are not very useful for providing belly heat, but can be used to help raise the ambient air temperature; they usually lower humidity however, so extra measures must be taken to counter-act drying out the enclosure. We prefer to just raise the temperature in the room where the snake is. The ambient air temperature should be about 80°F. The surface temperature on the warm, basking side should be 90-92°F.

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Do you have questions about keeping ball pythons and corn snakes as pets? If so, you’re in the right place! Reptile Knowledge is the internet’s premier destination for ball python and corn snake care information. We have been helping snake keepers take better care of their pets for more than ten years, and we can help you do the same.

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Reptile Rack Systems, Rodent Rack Systems, Reptile Tubs, Rodent Tubs, Ball Python Morphs Keenan has a separate, related case that he also intends to pursue to trial, in which Claudia Silencio was shot during the same incident. That case, Keenan said, more closely tracks the legal strategies that he and Ball outline in “Reptile.”

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Ball Pythons are commonly available as healthy, captive bred animals from a variety of sources. Pet stores, reptile shows, and private breeders are all great places to purchase a ball python as a pet. Ball pythons are now available in a seemingly infinite variety of color and pattern morphs.

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Reptile Ring is a coalition of the best breeders coming together to offer top quality, captive bred reptiles in an exciting reptile auction format. If you like reptile auctions, you have just reached the pinacle website for the best in reptile auctions. For the best in ball python auctions, boa auctions, reticulated python auctions and all other reptile auctions. The gurus of Reptilian trial strategy are David Ball and Don Keenan, whose book, “” purportedly gives its adherents a significant edge over the defense in jury trials. Several prominent lawyers on the plaintiff’s side have cited this book as the new bible of advocacy. The Seattle Zen Legal Blog authored by plaintiff lawyer extols the theory in an article titled "" and recites the mantra of the true believers, "The Reptile Always Wins". But do they?