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Raising her voice above the clatter and whir of the blender, Okima Wilcox-Hitt, 45, of Huntington Station, who owns the store with Jean Weiss, explained that no actual cooking takes place at the eight-month-old shop, which prepares and sells raw vegan foods. In the raw vegan kitchen, nothing is heated beyond a certain point — 108 degrees, heated by a dehydrator, is widely considered the limit.

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At Rising Tide Natural Market in Glen Cove, Chris Califano, 52, a wellness, fitness and nutritional consultant at the in Glen Cove, supplies the store with raw vegan prepared foods to supplement its own takeout menu of salads and cooked food. “Chris changes his raw specials every week with different dishes and different spices,” said Lillian Potenza, 55, the manager at Rising Tide.

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Navigate: StoreFront / Vitamins and Natural Therapeutics / Green Foods / Raw Foods Supplements .. Whole Foods Market’s Hollywood District store sit right in the heart of the vibrant Hollywood neighborhood, just blocks away from historic Hollywood Theatre. Customers are drawn to its unique, vintage flair, and…

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Positive findings of Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes, E. coli O157:H7 in a sample of raw foods for dogs or cats product collected from a retail store may result in a Class I recall, press release, and Reportable Food Registry (RFR) submission.

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Raw foods are gaining popularity as people discover their many health benefits, which is why it is great that there are so many online stores for raw food products.This store is owned and operated by Mike Snyder, raw foods author and chef. Mike is the author of the popular raw gourmet recipe books "Rawesomely Vegan" and "The Everything Raw Foods Recipe Book."Superfoods on Main is located in the charming area of historic downtown Mount Airy. Having 13 years experience in the health food industry, they searched for an ideal location toset up a local specialty health food store and organic vegetarian cafe to serve the residents of Mount Airy and raw food communities from neighboring cities. Eating raw food used to be something you did without a second thought, like munching a stalk of celery or snacking on a banana. But now “eating raw” gets quotation marks, describing a movement that proponents claim holds the key to weight loss and optimal health. If the proliferation of raw-food products at the health-food store is any indication, it’s a trend that has gotten a serious foothold. For someone who can hardly imagine getting through the winter without a steaming hot bowl of soup just about every day, going totally raw sounds like a chilling proposition. But there are some benefits to eating foods in their uncooked state that are worth exploring.