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Perhaps one of the cheapest ways to house your pet rats is to build your own cages. There are many websites online that you can find blueprints for pet rat homes on. If you have been slightly discouraged by the current prices on premade rat homes and cages, this could be the best option for you. Generally, homemade cages are made out of items such as chicken wire or specifically cut shelving and closet racks for the upper part of the cage, with the base being made out of a variety of liquid resistant and stain resistant materials such as plastic storage containers. These can be very effective rat cages, and can be custom made to fit in a certain area in your home. If you have a large rat colony, you could even transform large wooden furniture into a rat cage, such as an old dresser. These pieces of furniture are usually obtained at yard sales, to lessen the cost.

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A lot of rat enthusiastics out there will claim that Marshall, Midwest, and Prevue Hendryx make the best cages and I would have to agree. However these cages are the Rolls Royce’s of pet rat cages and are not only VERY spacious, but can be very expensive. I purchased my Petco Rat Manor cage for about $80 on sale. Its smaller size may not house as many rats but it is a PERFECT starter cage for someone who only has a few rats.

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