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Okay, just putting it out there, but how can “good breeders of Great Danes” know that they are preventing bloat by feeding from a raised bowl? You can’t prove something is a preventative without a control group. How do we know good breeders of Great Danes just don’t breed from dogs particularly susceptible to bloat through some unrelated coincidence of selection? Incidentally, there are other studies more recent than the Purdue one that also implicate raised bowls in bloat cases. You, my friend, do not have all the facts. You are giving your own opinion, which is not even backed up by numbers like the Purdue study was. That makes you a wee bit hypocritical, don’t you think?

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astric dilatation volvulus, a condition commonly referred to as bloat, involves the potentially fatal turning of your dog's stomach. Large, deep-chested dog breeds are most prone to bloat. Some vets used to recommend feeding dogs in elevated dishes to help avoid this condition. But it turns out that the practice actually increases the risk of bloat; for most healthy dogs, raised feed and water bowls are ill-advised.

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Small Elevated Pet Feeder! THE ONLY 100% Eco-Friendly, Pet Safe Natural Raised Dog Bowls Feeder in 4 sizes- Color: Dark Natural 7 There is no other research that shows any benefit to feeding dogs with a raised bowl. In a study of risk factors for gastric dilatation and volvulus syndrome (GDV), a twisting of the stomach that requires emergency surgery, elevated feedings were shown to slightly increase the risk of GDV.

You may read a lot of information on the Internet regarding elevating feeding bowls, but much of it may be based on speculation and misinformation, so be cautious when considering electronic information.

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We opted to make our own raised feeders. We combed the internet for ideas before building two sets of elevated feeders out of wood. We have four cats, so we chose to make two feeding stations with holders for two bowls and a water dish holder to separate them. I painted the feeders to match our décor. I use Corningware bowls which, like stainless steel, are rust-free and non-leaching. (Plastic bowls end up with teeth marks and scratches that can harbor unhealthy bacteria). Our cats prefer shallow glass bowls over deep metal bowls, but both types are easily sanitized in the dishwasher.

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