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While functioning on all levels, Reiki adjusts itself according to the individual needs of the recipient. For example, when balancing energy, Reiki will flow where it is needed in order to balance and help heal. When working on the chakras, the energy will spin in a circle and be distributed according to the individual chakra’s purpose and “blueprint.” In addition, the energy work has a positive intent, is delivered with love, and focuses complete attention on the rabbit – all of which have their own healing benefits.

Refer to the list below for a guide to carry out a rabbit home health exam:

This is where most of the magic happens… Normally undigested hay that is rich in cellulose provides food for healthy bacteria that slowly break it down and produce energy, vitamins, and other nutrients for the rabbit, guinea pig, or chinchilla.

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Your pet bunny rabbit’s health is critically dependent on the health of its teeth. Rush your rabbit to the vet if you see: lack of appetite; diarrhea; few or no fecal pellets; listlessness; crusty ears; overgrown teeth, mucus around the eyes or nose; urine-soaked fur, straining to urinate; lump or swellings; head tilt; or any sudden behavior change. Rabbits don’t show illness like cats and dogs, so any perceived problem should be treated as an emergency. One skipped meal could mean your rabbit is in grave danger.

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Giving your rabbit daily attention and handling and a healthy diet and exercise can prevent many diseases. But even though we take care of our little thumpers, there are common illnesses and diseases that can occur.

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With a proper and consistent diet and a clean, safe home your pet rabbit should be a happy and healthy pet. Unfortunately, even with the best of care, injuries and illness can occur. Heatstroke
Rabbits are very susceptible to heatstroke despite the ability to blow off heat through their ears. Symptoms of heatstroke are heavy breathing, lack of movement and elevated body temperature. Remove the rabbit from the heat source and submerge your pet’s body in cool water. Avoid exposure to heat and direct sunlight to prevent heatstroke.