Lifegard Quiet One Fountain Pump 3000 - 758 gph - Mud Monsters

Our Total Pond 300-GPH Fountain Pump is the perfect choice for medium fountains and spatters. This durable, compact pump might be small but it can produce an ideal fountain height of 6 ft. high and a maximum fountain height of 7.2 ft. high. It's also energy smart, so you'll save money and our natural resources. Additionally, it's non-toxic and safe for fish and plants. Our engineers also designed the 300-GPH Fountain Pump to run quiet during operation so it works hard but cannot be heard. The pump is easy to install, simple to use and has an adjustable water flow control.

It does have a flow control valve, which is highly desirable. Compared to some of the other pump-style fountains, this one is pretty quiet.

$31.99 Reliable and quiet mag drive submersible pond or fountain water pump. Easy water flow adjustment. Suitable for fountains, ponds, aquariums and industrial tanks. Pump flow rate 210GPH, maximum head (water lift) 6.2 feet (74"), suction cup feet, 12V AC (12 Volts Alternating Current), 16W. Great for powering with a garden or landscape transformer. (more 12V pumps and transformers at our site)

Powerful and Quiet Indoor or Outdoor Fountain Pump

The Little Giant PE 1 Direct Drive Statuary & Fountain Pump features very quiet operation and a three-year warranty. $514.99 Reliable and ultra-quiet direct drive submersible pond or fountain water pump. Suitable for pumping dirty water containing particles with maximum diameter up to 1-1/2". Pump flow rate 5000GPH, maximum head (water lift) 36 feet, uses 1000 watts.

DEAL ALERT: Lifegard Aquatics Quiet One 800 Fountain Pump

Create water features with Fountain Pumps for small fountains, ponds and other small water features. Durable pumps are quiet, affordable & guaranteed.

LifeGard Quiet One 4000 "Fountain Pump" | 1000 gph |

We've developed the VPII to be the leading centerpiece fountain water pump. We are convinced they are the quietest, most durable submersible pumps available today. The TotalPond 70 GPH Fountain Pump is inventive, quiet and energy smart. This small pump is ideal for very small fountains and can achieve a pumping capacity between 40 to 70 Gal. an hour. With this pump you can adjust the fountain height with an easy to use adjustable flow control up to a maximum height of 2.5 ft. and an ideal pumping height of 1.5 ft. 2. My pump makes too much noise. How can I make it quiet?
Water fountains operate at a minimal amount of noise, much less than the average appliance. However, there are ways to make it quiet if the water pump is become a nuisance. First, make sure the water level is covering the pump. Next, make sure the pump isn’t vibrating against one or the other side. (If so, put a cloth in between the pump and fountain) The fountain should operate quietly after this. Powerful things can come in small packages like our 140 GPH Fountain Pump. This energy efficient pump is a good fit for small to medium fountains and has an ideal pumping height of 3 ft. and a maximum pumping height of 3.6 ft. This neat and compact pump is quiet so you can enjoy nature's soundscape not mechanical noises. The 140 GPH Fountain Pump has an adjustable water flow control and is easy to operate. For best results, connect to 3/8 in. or 1/2 in. ID tubing.