K-9 Komfort Quick Release 1 in. Leather Collar

Ray Allen Nylon Quick-Release Pinch Collars are made of standard chrome plated link section connects to tubular nylon bands that fasten with a quick-release Ray Allen logo zinc buckle.

Sometimes in an emergency, you need to be able to quickly release your dog’s collar.

These Herm Sprenger Pinch Collars feature a quick release buckle that makes it very easy to place on and remove from the dog. Links may be added or removed for a proper fit. Additional links are sold separately.

OmniPet Quick Release Steel Pinch Collar - MEDIUM #162QM

You can order a buckle collar with a quick-release buckle in several styles. ★ QUICK RELEASE MARTINGALE (Q.R.M.) COLLARS combine the benefits of a martingale with the ease-of-use of a side release. They offer a quick-release buckle to make putting it on and taking it off easier, with no adjustment each time. However, because of the added hardware, they have the least room for adjustment and should be purchased for full-grown dogs - unless you are willing to purchase more collars as your dog grows. This style is also only available for dogs with neck measurements of AT LEAST 12". Smaller collars will not have enough room for any adjustment, and so are not recommended.

OmniPet Quick Release Steel Pinch Collar - EXTRA SMALL #162QXS

★ SIDE RELEASE collars are typical quick-release flat collars that are common in almost any commercial pet supply department. They are adjustable and are ideal for identification and tie-out purposes. They have the most room for adjustment of all the styles I sell.

This quick release dog collar features:

Quick release buckle styles are perfect for busy dog owners or dogs who don’t like or spook when having things placed over their heads. These are ideal for dogs who may be left alone or in a kennel during the day. Doggie daycares & kennels often require collars be quick release collars.Quick Release Collar offers the same look and comfort as our model 621U, but without the hook & loop closure. Rear buckle closure. Available in our wide selection of nylons, ripstops and designer fabrics.Buckle-Martingale collars are ideal for those dogs that require the extra correction of the martingale but owners like the convenience of the quick release buckle or for dogs who spook with things going over their heads.Do you think a quick-release, buckle collar is a good option for your dog? Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below.We make quick releases. Lots and lots of quick releases of all kinds: , , . So, why not take that tried and true internal cam design of ours and apply it to a seat collar?Quick-release dog collars as their name implies, have a buckle that releases quickly when pressure is applied allowing quick intervention should the need arise.