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My cat Annie had her Purrfect Post for 10 years and it was finally looking a little shabby. Since it had worked so well, I ordered her a new post for her 10th birthday and she loves it. Trying to get my other cat Sheldon (aka Shelly) to begin using it. He's 3 and still prefers furniture. Working on that problem.

Learn where to place your Purrfect Post® and other tips to help deter scratching.

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Purrfect Posts are designed and produced by a veterinarian who understands cat behavior. I have two Persian Cats that love their new Purrfect Post, trouble is now they don't want to share. They seem to fight over the bed so I might buy a 2nd one to stop the fighting. I trained them to only scratch on their Purrfect Post and not my furniture so they are aware the Product is theirs. I bought the Mondo for upstairs and the Purrfect Post for downstairs and this worked out fine. Love it! Only thing is when shipping, their should be more padding in the box to secure from damage. other then that, Cats are having a great time enjoying their new Purrfect Post, beautiful, strong and long lasting.

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This video shows cats satisfying their natural scratching instincts by playing on the Purrfect Post Deluxe and Purrfect Angle Scratchers. The Purrfect Post Deluxe features long-lasting woven sisal, and the Purrfect Angle's replaceable corrugated cardboard scratching insert allows cats to get the most out of their stretches and scratches.

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Another one of our favorites, the Purrfect Post was developed by a veterinarian. Beautifully designed and extremely sturdy, this post is not one that you’re going to want to hide in a corner. We have one in our living room, and both Allegra and Ruby use it daily. There are so many cat scratching posts available that it can be hard to choose the right one. But your Maine Coon cat needs a very specific, sturdy, tough, and tall post to be happy scratching it. ! from Purrfect Post is a great solution. At 39 inches in height, it's the tallest woven sisal perch on the market, and it will allow your Maine Coon to stretch to his full length and scratch to his heart's content. And the Mondo! won't topple over, due to its anti-tipping weight distribution. The sisal fabric that covers the post is an absolute favorite among cats for scratching.Our long-time favorite is the Purrfect Post! Would you believe we have one that’s 9 years old??? (we actually have three in all) They also offer replacement posts (without the base) for a very reasonable price. We’ve only had to replace one post in all this time.I'm the inventor of Purrfect Post products. I made the first ones for friends who couldn't find good scratching posts that their cats wanted to use. , so I knew why cats didn't like the other posts: they weren't really made for cats! They were mostly short, wobbly, fluffy, and soft, but cats want tall, sturdy, tough, and shreddable.