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After trimming the tip of the nail, generally within seven days the quick should recede enough that you can have the nail trimmed again, Carlo De Vito and Amy Ammen write in "The Everything Puppy Book: Choosing, Raising, and Training Our Littlest Best." Consider that every time your vet or groomer trims your pooch's nails, the quick retreats farther up into the nail bed -- but it may take a while for the quick to completely recede to a point where the dog has shorter, healthier nails. Regular frequent clippings is key to making the quick recede more rapidly.

An important part of a puppy’s grooming is the regular trimming of his nails

This post will go over some tips on how to help your dog or puppy get used to nail trims. If your dog is especially fearful or aggressive while having her nails trimmed, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional groomer, vet or trainer for help.

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Start trimming your Chihuahua's nails early, preferably while they are still a puppy. Without doubt, your puppy will wiggle, whine, even yelp when you trim its nails. Don’t be alarmed by these antics. Talk quietly and soothingly, and hold your puppy firmly. Praise your puppy lavishly when the job is done, and give him a treat. You want the puppy to remember each nail trimming as a positive, fun experience!

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After the nail is trimmed, throw a puppy party! Tell him what a good dog he is, and play a favorite game to show how pleased you are. Reserve a special treat that the dog gets only after a successful nail trim, and soon you’ll have your pooch begging for a pedicure.

For puppies who need a bath, light trimming & extra pampering

Video showing High Resolution Close up of Olive, our 5 week old English bull terrier puppy having her nails trimmed with the nail clippers that you use on your own nails. This is by far the easiest and safest way to clip your puppy's nails and this should be done once a week until your puppy is able to go outdoors and wear their nails down on hard abrasive surfaces. This regular attention to her feet will build trust and your puppy will have no problem with you attending his or her nails when older.

Flat feet and spreading claws in dogs are often a symptom of poor nail care and this can easily be avoided by keeping the nails short.

Adult dog nails can be kept short by walking your dog on concrete / brick surfaces regularly. The dew claw should be the only nail that requires regular clipping. This is by far the best method because there is no substitute for exercise and a little roadwork to keep the claws down and it's a lot less distressing for your dog and far less costly than a trip to the vets to get them clipped! Having a block / brick / slabbed area in your garden for the dogs to run on is a great way to give them a free pedicure.
(Money saving tips)But you will need to take over the job when you puppy comes home to you. Unless you want to take your puppy to the vets or the groomers to have their nails trimmed, you should learn how to do it yourself and save your money.