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Young puppies may need diapers just like their human counterparts. They can be used as an aid to house training, teaching the puppy when and where it is appropriate to eliminate.

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I’m not a fan of +P or -R but I have a puppy mill ex-breeder foster and I’ve been potty training her now for 10 months. I’ve tried every humane suggestion there is. Enough is enough and now she’ll be wearing a diaper to help the process.

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USA SELLER Puppy Diaper Sanitary Pants Suspenders Stay On Female Girl Small Dog Dog diapers are often associated with incontinent or senior dogs, however they can be useful at every life stage. When flying long distances, doggie diapers can even help canines who don’t usually wear coverings to keep their leaks contained. Many pet parents find female dog diapers especially useful when their favorite furred girl goes into heat. And if you discover that your enthusiastic pup has an easily excitable bladder, pick up some puppy diapers to cut down on clean-ups during particularly stimulating moments like joyful homecomings and mealtimes.

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Now before making the final decision think, what kind of dog needs the diapers? Is it a male, female, is it an elderly dog or a brand new puppy?

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** WOW! See this Tiny Puppy Yawn in SLOW MOTION (!) here: Second, I saw him demonstrating how to put a diaper on a puppy and I laughed myself silly. Sure, I know pet diapers exist, but wow, it’s so much more work than baby diapers. The video’s captioning explains that he lives in an apartment and the dog has serious urinary problems — very sobering.Dog diapers are no longer a foreign concept to pet parents. Dog diapers or belly bands can be an extremely useful solution to numerous canine problems at the various stages of his or her life. Right from the puppy stage, when you bring home your pooch as a pup until he is old; a dog diaper or a belly band will come in handy at multiple occasions. Dog diapers are designed to improve the quality of their life when they are going through some hard times and also helps minimize the messes. They are used for both medical as well as behavioural reasons, which are enlisted below:Puppy diapers can be helpful when house training your puppy and in the early days when you need to take him somewhere and don't want an accident. However they are not a substitute for teaching your pet when and where it is appropriate to pee and poo and although a few accidents at the beginning might be a problem, in the long term, it is far better to persevere as your pup will soon get the idea, saving you a lot of hassle and money spent on diapers!