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While your furry friend would probably love to eat the whole bag, BLUE Puppy Dental Bones are for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. We recommend feeding him just one BLUE Puppy Dental Bone a day. Choosing the right size of BLUE Puppy Dental Bones is important too—this bag of mini size BLUE Puppy Dental Bones is ideal for dogs 5-15 lbs.Keep in mind, BLUE Puppy Dental Bones are not appropriate for dogs less than 5 lbs. Always be sure to watch your dog while he enjoys a BLUE Puppy Dental Bone to make sure he chews it sufficiently. And, of course, you should make fresh drinking water available at all times.

If the bones aren't joined together, how would a puppy ever be able to stand?

Whether your pup has just come home after leaving its mother, or you’ve gone the adoption route and are bringing your adopted puppy to their new home - if this will be their first time around bones, following a set of simple steps will lessen the chance of stomach upset and dog illness.

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That's why I'm looking for good puppy safe things for him to chew on, considering Nylabones are not really an option. Of course, when it comes to young dogs, or even new dogs, it’s important to know how to safely introduce products like puppy bones or puppy treats into their diet.

As I tell my puppy classes, bones are wonderful but there ARE risks

There are endless ins and outs to raising a young dog or puppy; making sure their food, bones, and treats are safe holds a place close to the top of the list.

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When picking out bones for your puppy, generally you can’t go wrong with indestructible plastic, but the problem is that most puppies find them, well, boring. Rawhide is accepted by the masses, but it’s problematic with some dogs who chew obsessively because they gulp it as they go and can choke or get indigestion.What is your opinion on giving raw bone for chewing for a 4.5 months old puppy who is teething ? Is it ok or better not to give ? Even with out bones they keep chewing on things like wood, plastic items or even toys. But they will have atleast a few hours of time pass if its a raw bone.You may want to try pressed rawhide, animal-part sticks, and vegetable-matter pulp bones. Test out a few kinds yourself to find a bone that satisfies your puppy’s craving and that can pass the “systems” test (her digestive system, that is); then buy it in bulk!Dog chew bones stimulate the dog. Not only do doggy bone chews entertain your puppy, but they actually provide the benefits of , which is very important for the dog's brain.