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These evaluations indicated that to fully understand the concept, or concepts, measured by a single instrument or battery of instruments, it is necessary to understand the relationships between the included concepts within the context of their use in the intended claim. For example, a claim of treatment benefit for a new migraine product is commonly stated in terms of five separate symptoms (defined below). Because there is no explicit specification of an interrelationship between them, five symptom‐specific instruments are used to provide an implicit, rather than a measured, statement about treatment impact of the more general concept of migraine symptoms.

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Prepare yourself for the dumbest Mac Pro concept you’ll ever see. The folks over at Germany-based CURVED/labs clearly have never built a computer before based on this new Mac Pro concept they have rendered and decided to share with the world. First, you need to take a look at the video which shows off an ugly rectangular/modular design. Honestly, the look of this Mac Pro concept alone should disqualify it from ever even being considered as an Apple product, but let’s dig a little deeper and keep the aesthetics out of it.

Two door, removable plastic pan and divider panel.

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