Covered or Uncovered Litterboxes: Do Cats Have a Preference

You can now order litter boxes that double as planters for large real or fake plants. This is likely one of the most ingenious recent inventions in pet care we’ve seen! The hole can be moved towards a corner to hide the planter’s true purpose and give Fluffy some privacy. These litter boxes may be a bit on the pricey side, but they’re much prettier than a plain plastic bin.

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Of course, the good news here is that if you’re getting a cat and prefer to avoid seeing or smelling the stench, go ahead and try a large covered litter box—1.5 times your cat’s size. Just make sure you clean it every single day. However, if your cat is having litterbox issues, it would be good to do a side by side comparison of different litter boxes and litters. This is called a litter box cafeteria.

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I have always read that cats do not like litter boxes with lids. Has that prevailing wisdom changed? This may sound obvious, but most of the commercial litter boxes are not easy for cats to use. For example, if a kitten gets a litter box that is 6 inches or more in height to enter, it might be difficult for it to get into. So the kitten may start using the carpet or clothing to urinate on just to be able to relieve itself. Now the kitten is learning to prefer carpet or clothes at this early stage in life.

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Of course, you can always get a large plastic storage container with high sides and cut an opening on one side that’s low enough so the cats can get in. This can work well, but it also looks pretty ugly. While my litter boxes aren’t the center of my decor, they are in pretty visible spots (I don’t believe in hiding them in a dark corner), so I wanted something that was at least somewhat pleasing to the eye.

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You take out the scooper, press the button (the logo that says “modko”) at the front, then tilt the lid back to clean out the cat litter. It’s a very simple process and is honestly so much more tidy than regular side-entry cat litter boxes, as you don’t have to reach through, but only down to get your cleaning done.Recently, I was researching jumbo litterboxes with high sides in an attempt to take care of both of these issues. I was pleasantly surprised to find a growing selection to meet these needs.No more last minute trips to the grocery store or hauling heavy boxes of litter home. PrettyLitter simply arrives at your doorstep right when you need it. Cross that chore off your list forever. No more lifting heavy litter again.Most diagnostic litters use assorted pH indicators that react to the introduction of urine and change color alerting to a potential problem. Diagnostic litter brands include Dr. Elsey’s Health Monitor™ Everyday Litter, LifeMate Clumping Cat Litter with Health Alert from Pestell Pet Products and Monthly Monitor from the Ultra Pet Company and Pretty Litter. And just like jumbo litterboxes, diagnostic litters are sold online and delivered to your door.