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Power Seal is a full service asphalt sealcoating, crack and pot hole repair company. Power Seal also performs power washing of houses, decks, fences, patios and cement. We serve both residential and commercial customers throughout Mercer, Somerset, Middlesex, Burlington, Camden and Bucks County. Free Estimates and referrals available upon request!

Powerseal is an international company with distribution facilities around the world.

Every part received at PowerSeal USA is meticulously handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. We treat your cylinder like it is our own. This includes the initial inspection and evaluation for the correct repair procedures, the preparation work prior to plating, customizing the plating parameters, and the post-plate finish work. The craftsmanship is evident.

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to purchase the PowerSeal DC Contactor Family in the MurCal web store. “Our achievements in this area are unprecedented amongst other manufacturers of pipeline repair devices in our industry. PowerSeal’s sustainability initiative began more than 3 years ago and is now a fundamental part of our company culture. We will continue to lead the way with

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programs, products, materials and designs that reduce our carbon footprint and protect the planet for generations to come.” Patrick Powers, President and CEO challenged his LEED team to become the greenest of the green. Green initiatives internally at PowerSeal are spearheaded by Carl Stone, LEED Manager/Safety Director and the internal LEED Team, led by Carol Rivadeneira, Max Martinez, Andrés Giraldo, David Valencia and Diego Álvarez.

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As a family-owned and operated business, we know how important your home is to you. Power Seal Driveway Sealing has been making Central New Yorkers happy to come home since 1997. Sealing your driveway doesn’t just make it look better, it protects the asphalt and helps reduce the chance of needing to repave the entire driveway.Job turn around time and prices for Power Seal are the most competitive in the Syracuse market. If you’re looking for a quote, we know you’ll be pleased with what Power Seal has to offer.Questions about your driveway? Tom Juno, owner and manager, works every job site to make sure Power Seal customers are more than pleased with the results of their work.PowerSeal USA’s NikaSeal plating is a nickel composite layer with silicon carbide particles impregnated for added hardness, increased durability, and superior lubrication. NikaSeal has excelled under the most extreme conditions by users ranging from weekend warriors and grass roots racers to top-level National and World Championship competitors. Leading engine builders, performance tuners, and factory race teams depend on NikaSeal to deliver the performance and reliability required to win.Power Seal Driveway Sealing has experience with both residential and commercial driveways and parking lots. Your driveway and parking lot are the first things that your clients and business partners learn about you. From crack filling to asphalt repairs, sealing to line painting. A simple touch up to your lot can go a long way in appearances.With the latest available technologies, materials and facilities, PowerSeal USA specializes in state-of-the-art Cylinder Plating, Repair, and Reconditioning.