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Returns accepted on unused items within 30 days of receipt (when you receive the product). You MUST CALL to receive important return information before returning a product. If the return procedure is not followed, your return will be refused as it arrives. There will be a 20% Restocking fee on return orders. If item originally had free shipping, the cost of shipping and the 20% restocking fee will be deducted from the credit to the customer. Please Allow 2-4 weeks for credits to be processed. Freight will not be reimbursed. Returns made without following proper procedures will be charged a $5.00 fee or more for complications. If you return items to AZPonds and supplies it is your responsibility to provide tracking and delivery confirmation. AZPonds and supplies is not responsible for lost or damaged product shipped by the customer.

We have koi and goldfish for your pond. We stock supplies to maintain the health and happiness of your fish such as nets, food and medicine.

Knowing the right products, parts and supplies for your pond is what we do. Whether it's new lights, plants, treatments, or replacement parts like filters, pumps, liner repair kits, or something you've just had difficulty being able to locate, we can help you with some of the best prices around. View our in store .

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Whether you have a small garden pond or a lake, our retail pond supply store carries a full line of products to meet your needs. PondMarket carries tropical and hardy pond plants, bog plants, and water garden plants encompassing everything from Oxygenators, over reeds and rushes, pond grasses, blooming pond plants, flowering pond plants, and floating pond plants such as Water Hyacinth and Water Lettuce. Our Water Lily selection is unmatched with hardy and tropical water lilies available. We offer night blooming water lilies and day blooming water lilies. PondMarket also carries water lotus for sale in St. Louis, MO. With over 60 years of combined experience with Pond Equipment and Pond Supplies, our customers make the right choices from our large selection of Pond Pumps, Pond Filters, and Pond Liners for the Garden Pond owner as well as large scale equipment including Aerators and Aeration Systems for large ponds. Pond Lighting is our specialty and includes LED submersible light strips to color changing Fountains and Waterfalls. We carry beneficial bacteria, safe pond algae controls, and natural pond products that do not contain harsh chemicals and that are safe for birds, dogs, kids, pets, and wild animals. PondMarket installs and maintains koi ponds, waterfalls, lighting systems, and maintenance-free filtration systems for koi ponds.

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We have a large inventory of pond supplies and construction supply equipment for building koi ponds and accessories for the care and maintenance of water features. We are heavily stocked with the latest and greatest innovative pond supply equipment and customize pond kits for any design you can dream. We deliver hundreds of different supplies through our on-line store with quick and efficient shipping through out the United States.

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Hemphill's Garden and Aquatic Center is a full service pond and water garden supply store located in Fallston, Maryland. Our family has owned and operated this store for nearly three decades. Through the years we have earned a reputation for quality service, guiding customers on purchasing the right equipment as well as providing pond installation services when a customer feels they just want to sit back and let someone else do the work.Our retail store specializes in products to build and maintain water features, including fish (Koi, Goldfish and Catfish), pond plants and more. We have become a distributor of the most unique natural stone you will find in Central New York, bringing in stone from around the world. We do supply manufactured pavers and retaining walls although we keep most of our yard to show off natural stone.