Air Stones and Air Diffusers for Lake and Pond Aeration.

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Learn how to install the PondAir™ Aeration Kits & Air Stones in this informational video.

The Matala Rocking Piston Air Pump with Cabinet is perfect for aerating those medium to large ponds. Each kit includes a rocking Piston Compressor with Oil filled pressure gauge and a pressure relief valve. Also included with the air pump is a cooling fan, GFI outlet, all inside a protective clicking cabinet.

Every airmax pondair aeration kit includes round air stones and.

For more information on pond aeration check out the FREE  When you are ready to replace the old air stones shoot us an email using the page. This Gast rotary vane pump doesn’t offer as much as the rocking piston, or diaphragm pumps but will provide more air. Works great for lake aeration and pond de-icing. The carbon vanes are self-adjusting and ensure efficiency. Easily replaceable and work up to water depths of 18′. Comes with a one-year warranty.

Laguna Aeration Kit Air Stone Pump Tubing Float from Laguna Ponds

Checkout the pond aerator systems below and let us know if you need any help for your application. We can help you with a custom pond aeration design.

Pond Aeration Every order includes 2 airstones

Rubber Membrane Diffuser for Pond Aeration instead of air stones. The rubber membrane diffuser is replacing the older air stone diffusers, they are easier to clean, release smaller bubbles which will entrain more water and easy to replace if needed.

For complete details see the blog post, .
Or check it out on, These industrial duty compressors/blowers are ideas when you need a lot of aircontinuously or for long periods of time. Carbon vane compressors are a really anoil less rotary pump with easily replaced vanes. These would be an excellent choice as an aerationsupply for large scale, emergency or continuous duty requirements. Use to supplycontinuousair for large ponds, lakes, or aquaculture operations. Rotary vane compressors can put out4-6 cfm air at depths of 10-20 ft. Use 6" - 12" air stones listed below toaerate large ponds or lakes. Several stones located in center of deep lake will set uprecirculation patterns to aerate whole lake if set up properly.