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There are also slip action harnesses that work on the principle of give-and-take like a choker collar would, but the fixed position body harness allows the dog to use their weight to pull against you without any discomfort. The back-attaching fixed position harness is what is most often recommended for small breeds like the Pomeranian.

Mar 23, 2016 - If you have a Pomeranian, you need the perfect harness and maybe a collar

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Puppy harness for a handsome Pomeranian | Chihuahua ..

Sep 8, 2016 - I'm getting a little pomeranian girl soon, and I would like to use a harness with her 3. Manufacturers make some harnesses as a feature of clothing so your pet gets a greater spread of the pressure instead of just the neck. If you like dressing your dog, having a jacket or vest will make it so simple to put on. Girl Pomeranians can be dressed in stylish harness’s resembling party dresses.

Puppy harness for a handsome Pomeranian · Chihuahua ..

The correct harness for your Pomeranian does not require a collar. This section is for owners who insist on the use of a collar. The right collar and harness will help you do a number of things such as these: Your Pom’s ID tags will be connected to the collar. A US pet population study concluded that only 20% of dogs that get lost are ever found. That means four out of every five dogs go missing for some reason or another. So, you don’t attach the leash to the collar, but a collar should be used for the ID reason, among others. The right size harness will fit comfortably on your beloved pet and divert most of the tension and pressure caused by the leash, and then spread it out through his body instead of only his neck.

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PLEASE never use a collar on any small puppy/dog, always use a harness. Pomeranian's are known to have very delicate trachea's and the pulling and pressure from a traditional collar against their windpipe can cause trachea collapse. The harness is also a good idea so you can pull small dogs up into your arms for safety if needed. Pomeranian and other small breeders do not know they are a tiny dogs and will confront a larger dog with no fear. The last thing you want is for your baby to end up in the jaws of another dog badly hurt or died. If you would like to have a pretty collar this is ok, just use the harness with your leash. Also you might want to use some kind of squirting device and you can use half vinegar and water, half ammonia and water or pepper spray. Before doing any of these be sure to contact your city or state rules and regulations in what you can use to deter animals from approaching and being in harms way. Thank you and happy walking!If you have a Pomeranian that likes to walk like “Little” Sophia did and they have difficulty walking, you can make a DIY Pomeranian harness that can help rehabilitate or exercise your Pom and it doesn’t cost you anything but 2 buckets from Home Depot and a Director’s chair canvas back.