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You must get your puppy on a crate training schedule, a schedule for spending periodic time in his crate but not being left for too long! Puppies can be left in a crate up to however old they are in months plus one hour. So if your puppy is 8 weeks old (2months) plus one hour=3 hours. You wouldn’t want to leave an 8-week old puppy over 3 hours in a crate and I would strive for something less if at all possible. The more time you spend with your puppy the more time you bond and your puppy learns appropriate manners.

**Sculpture Crate is 24.99 plus shipping, handling, and international taxes and tariffs.**

"I'm a very picky person when it comes to me subscription boxes. Before I even signed up, they were amazingly helpful in answering all my questions & helping me every step of the way! I was able to order one of my favorite items from a box I had missed PLUS they threw in a small gift! My first box came today & I am FLOORED, to say the least! There are so many interesting & unique snacks. There's insanely useful gear (this month, a running belt-which I desperately needed one)! Not to mention the bling (IT FLASHES THIS MONTH!) is awesome. The price for what you get is absolutely wonderful. Plus, they have super cool giveaways every month! I'm definitely sold & will continue to be a loyal RunnerCrate subscriber!"

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The error is nothing to do with CratesPlus but is solely a Holographic Displays error. hi guys
so I have crates plus installed and now i have a question how do i give the keys and id
so i can place it in kits + so players can sell it in there chest shops if it is not possible tell me what plugin can do that or tell me if it not exist then i will let someone make a custom plugin

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Bring more cuteness to your month with a crate full of kawaii goodies you can use everyday, plus plushies, exclusive wearables, household items and more.

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(Plugins on my server)
WorldEdit, Survivalgames-Reloaded, PermissionsEX, ClearLag, Plugman, Vault, Mycommand, Hotpotato, Multiverse-Core. ProtocolLib, Skywars, Bedwars, BankNote, UltraCosmetics, Essentials, BlockHunt, EssentialsChat, SuperBuildBattle, Shop, Paintball, HolographicDisplays, EssentialsSpawn, CratesPlus, Crackshot,Crates Plus is committed to foster long-term relationships with strategic clients, by integrating with procurement systems, which add value through excellent quality and service for packaging needs.The latest development builds are for CratesPlus 5.0, I can NOT stress enough that this version has some major changes which are likely to break things during development. Please don't use this on a live/public server.But, most importantly a crate keeps your puppy safe! Safe from ingesting toxic chemicals, deadly objects, or chewing on wires and chords plus crates keep your valuables safe from being nibbled by your new furry friend.