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9. Hamster Toys – whether they be handmade or store bought, your new hamster will love toys. Toilet tube’s make quick and cheap toys. You can buy gnaw toys made from wood which will help wear down your hamster’s teeth that grow continuously. Wooden bridges serve as a good hiding place and a chew toy at the same time. Change the toys regularly to keep boredom away.

If you buy a hamster from the

Few people boycotting things won't make a difference. Although these animals may get treated badly they still should be bought. I guarantee you that the hamsters you are adopting were once bought at a petstore. So what, the mill still got there money. Just because some people may think mills are bad because they don't treat the animals badly they are just animals. I love hamsters but humans are more important. And that is why this is the case. They are hamsters and don't know any better. And if we don't buy from pet stores its not like a small percentage of people adopting is going to make a difference. ALL animals deserve homes. So both hamsters at pet stores and shelters need homes. Adopting a hamster at a petstore is adopting. And adopting a hamster at a shelter is adopting. Did you get all of your hamsters from an adoption place? Because you are talking about how bad mills are I would assume you did. Even if you did get them from a shelter MOST LIKELY the original owner had bought the hamster from a petstore. So the mill is still getting money. And if not maybe from a breeder. ALL hamsters deserve homes. So if we stop buying hamsters from pet stores mills aren't going to stop breeding so there will be hamsters living in pet stores without homes. And if they do get bought they will be bought by owners that don't know anything.

Why buy a Hamster for sale when you can adopt

This is one of the most common and advertised place to buy a hamster. Here you can find almost all the breeds and colors. This is of course offered. There isnt exactly lots of space for lots of babies to come back but thats when I start looking for a new buyer potentially and find them a new home. So its like a holiday camp whilst being with me – everyone likes holiday camps right!? 😛 Its really important for us to organise it well before doing because it would be so irresponsible of us to just let them have babies and then panic when we cant handle 8 hamster babies all in seperate cages ! If there was space for that – I would have to move myself out and let them rent the place 😉
Should hopefully be arranged so. I will keep everyone posted.. may even have to set a date ;D xxx

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Once you have decided on your hamster breed, you can go to the petshop and pick one out. You may want to take all of them home, just because they’re so cute! I wanted to anyway! But I’m afraid that’s sadly not an option, which brings us to a very valid point. Don’t just pick the cutest one in the shop! When buying a hamster, you need to pick the brightest most alert looking little creature in the place.

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