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For example, an electronic toy can teach a child to sort shapes, with sounds which correspond to a picture of an animal on each shape. These pictures or plastic shapes of animals are likely meaningless to a blind or visually impaired child, and thus the sounds may be meaningless too. Over-reliance on toys to develop concepts may lead to the risk of developing empty vocabulary and over-simplified concepts. In contrast, the child could use a cutlery tray and cutlery to sort; the sounds will be familiar, the shapes are more interesting and give more auditory feedback, the child can match as well as sort, count, and create sets (sequencing and pre-math.) The child may easily transfer this shape sorting to a functional task of setting the table. This activity could also involve a daily routine of washing and drying dishes, and setting the table. Differences in size and shape of utensils may also be discussed. The activity of sorting shapes thus becomes a life skill as well.

Yomaxer Fidget Spinner EDC Toy Bat Shape Ceramic Bearing For Austism ADHD,ADD(M1212)

This Educational Toy Shape Stacker is an essential must have for any little loved ones collection! It educates children in a variety of ways - through shape names, shape numbers, patterns, and is excellent for developing gross motor skills. These wooden toys are crafted from locally sourced and sustainable Vermont Maple Hardwoods. Each piece is sanded smooth with engraved details and left with a natural finish. Get yours at One I Love today!

Fidget Spinner EDC Toy Bat Shape Ceramic Bearing For Austism ADHD,ADD

Toy Story: Buzz Light Year Pull Shape Pinata. Play the game the mexican way When you play with building blocks, you tap into creative and analytical spaces in your mind. Pinblock Freestyle is a whole new kind of building block system that gives kids a new way to build that feels familiar and different at the same time.

The Pinblock system is based on a single versatile shape that firmly connects to other shapes while still allowing flexibility thanks to its beveled edges. Pinblocks can stack to form structures with extremely stable bases or aligned to create flexible constructions.

The two-prong blocks lend themselves to making wearable toys like bracelets as easily as creating sheets of 2D pixel art. Build something new with Pinblock Freestyle!

Toy Story: Buzz Light Year Pull Shape Pinata

In conjunction with the marketing/distribution announcement, Pinshape also launched a design challenge specifically for 3D Printed toys. Any type of toy from action figures to games can be . While there is a panel of cool judges, a popularity contest will also be a component of the challenge. In Facebook fashion, entries can be “Liked” on the Pinshape website. The more people an entry gets to “Like” their design, the better the chance of winning since the top 10% will be automatically entered in the finals. This is a great Crowdsourcing way to get more people onto the Pinshape site and a clever marketing promotion tool.

Jul 30, 2014 - "The Ticketeer" for @pinshape's toy design contest