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Perches has continued his father’s tradition of providing burials at no cost for the elderly who have died alone in a state-run nursing home in Mexico, according to Laura. He also provides low-cost funerals for the poor and works closely with Candlelighters in El Paso, a non-profit that helps children who have cancer.

"We will definitely be visiting again as the prices and food are both excellent."- Bedwards

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5261 North Princeton Street Portland, OR 97203

Hope you have made all your conversions and enjoyed . Come visit us again soon! These parrot stands are great for small to medium sized parrots including Budgerigar, Cockatiel, Parrotlet, Lovebird, Parakeet, Sun Conure and other Conures, Senegal and other Poicephalus Parrots, African Grey, Cockatoo, Amazon, and small Macaws. T Perches are now available for large cockatoos and macaws.

January 23, 1974 - April 24, 2017

Parrot Training Perches™ eliminate the distraction that colorful play gyms and multi-branched climbing trees can create, keeping your parrot's attention on you for training. Since the two stands are independent, the ways you can line them up are numerous. Set them up parallel to each other to teach the parrot to fly between the two stands. Set the perches up perpendicular to each other to keep two parrots on them but not fight with each other.

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The most unique part about the restaurant is the tortilla machine right in the middle! Everyday, fresh tortillas and chips are made from this machine and are sold to other stores and restaurants. Tortilleria Perches is also part store, so they sell Mexican candies, spices, pinatas and sodas too!"Food-5 Stars: Taco Tuesday! One of the best values in town. 99c for a homemade taco with your choice of delicious meat. To be fair, I had 3! 1 Barbados, 1 Carnita, 1 Discard (pulled pork, shredded beef, and mixed meat with chorizzo). All were great! Plus Jesus brought us a delicious serving of chips and salsa."- Jeff Widmeyer"Atmosphere: 5 Stars This screams Mexican culture. I love seeing the tortilla making machine in the kitchen. The place is tight and small but I think it really helps. Also, the additional Mexican items for sale hanging around make it feel more authentic and having traveled to Mexico it feels like you are in a Mexican little restaurant."- Chris Russell"Simple 5-Star food with outstanding 5-star service... and at awesome prices. We'll definitely tell people, and be back again. I imagine as word of this place grows, it will become difficult to find a seat in the small restaurant." -Eric Raines"Overall I think the menu at Tortilleria Perches is more authentic than most any other place here in Springfield. It is simple Mexican food and I appreciate that. You won’t find fried chimichangas, or things covered with sour cream or piles of lettuce. Everything has that home made look and taste to it. I really need to make it back more often." -Bob"My love for food comes from my parents, and there is no one who can cook remotely close to my mother. Tortilleria Perches comes pretty darn close. When I've been away from Texas (home) too long I step into Perches and take a trip there. I recommend going on Wednesday to try the Nopalitos (cactus). Keep an open mind, and the food won't disappoint. Their Menudo is even worthy to take home to my mom. If you haven't tried this place you truly are missing out." -Rosalinda M.