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I have been feeding Pedigree brand dog food to my Frenchton for some time. I recently purchased an 8-pack of little champions from grocery outlet in CA. I typically buy the 12-pack of variety flavor at Walmart along with a medium-sized bag of dry dog food and mix the two dry and wet. However lately my dog is shedding like crazy and has a weird rash on his forehead that is red and the hair is really just following out in that area. He vomited 3 times yesterday. He's lethargic and looks at me with a blank stare. This product is super concerning. I won't be feeding my pet this any longer. I hope this helps someone in time. Shortcuts in manufacturing cost everyone in the end.

Pet owners have found wire pieces and other foreign objects in Pedigree brand dog food.

We just switched our dog's dog foods because she was on a medicine. We didn't know about Pedigree's FALSE dog foods so we gave it to her, but when I came downstairs I smelt poop thinking that it was my brother. But I came to see that my dog Cali was leaning against the cage because there was diarrhea all over her dog bed. My grandmother had the same problem after using this dog food with all 3 of her dogs and all 3 had diarrhea. I would recommend IAMS dog food because that has been very successful with our dog. Also please help me spread out the word, dogs are my fav animal and I would take a bullet to save a dog's life so please spread the word because I don't want any more dogs getting sick or dying.

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As a leading UK Dog Behaviourist, I have studied and researched many types of dog food. Certainly, in the UK the two foods that come to mind are Pedigree and Bakers as the most controversial. The ingredients are poor and the additives are an absolute disgrace. I wrote and article on both of these brands that went viral in the UK as still is very current today as we hear of these horrific reactions to a food that should be good for dogs not fatal. It is worth understanding what Pedigree and Bakers actually put in their food, so you can fully understand the concerns that I have as a professional behaviourist. **.

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