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As a whole, users are very satisfied with this top rated orthopedic pet pillow. A pleased customer mentioned that she bought this memory foam bed for her 90-pound Shepherd, and she was amazed how firm it was and that it didn’t flatten over time.

Orthopedic foam with dimensional support provides the utmost in comfort

“There is not a standard height, softness, bed fill material, etc. that needs to be met in order for dog beds to be labeled as orthopedic,” says Tara Klimovitz, DVM, CCRT, with Perry Hall Animal Hospital in Baltimore. “When I tell families that their dog needs an orthopedic bed, I am referring to one that is memory foam or similar fiber fill to relieve the trauma to pressure points while the dog lays down so that no part of their musculoskeletal body feels the hard floor beneath them.”

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Carr adds that some beds have a layer of memory foam on top of orthopedic foam to provide even more comfort. Therapeutic foam, also known as orthopedic foam or memory foam, is made of polyurethane. Therapeutic foam mattresses are available in different thicknesses. When your dog lies on this bed, the foam will shape itself around him. Therapeutic foam supports body weight and relieves pressure. It can be beneficial for your senior, whose skin and joints are more sensitive and prone to injury. The thick foam will keep your companion warm and cozy.

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Our veterinarian recommended dog beds are made of high quality BuddyRest True Cool® memory foam. Our luxury open cell memory foam is extremely durable, and doesn’t break down over time. We use high quality 4.5lb density foam. This is same type of foam found in high end human mattresses. Regular memory foam gets hot and is not a place your dog will want to lay very long. Not our beds! Our orthopedic beds use gel infusion technology to provide a climate managed sleep for your animal.

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Four popular memory foam dog bed questions answered here. This includes why your canine needs an orthopedic dog bed, how to choose the best quality, shape, size and style for your dog's sleeping style without breaking your budget.
The first thing you want is a bed that's constructed more like a human memory foam mattress. That means it either has 4 inches of higher density foam (greater than 3lbs) or has 2"-3" solid memory foam constructed over a firmer foam core. With thinner layers or less dense foam you need a core inside to prevent the to squish down to the floor or platform. A quality Memory foam orthopedic dog bed may be expensive, but it will give your furry friend the same that people enjoy on a memory foam mattress.