Development of a one-handed nail clipper for stroke survivors.

Clip-Right® Ergonomic Nail Clippers. This one makes you ask yourself .Why didn't I think of this? The Clip-Right® also folds up to fit in your pocket or purse and there is no issue bringing it through airport security. This design feels more natural in you hands and offers greater control and accuracy making it possible for young and old to use it with ease. A patent pending, next generation, improved design, nail clipper that has an extra forward leaning lever so that the user...

Medical One Hand Nail Clipper For People With Arthritis or Elderly (Japanese

This might even be better than the larger one handed nail clippers I pinned earlier. It has a nice big, cushioned handle, and there is one for fingers and one for toes. Definitely not as big and bulky as the other one.

Development of a one-handed nail clipper for stroke survivors

A. Absolutely! All Antioch Clipper long handled toenail clippers have a 30 day money back  and a one year limited . The ClipPro Toenail Clippers are one of the most popular solutions for hard nails. They are made of surgical grade stainless steel. That allows them to cut through extremely hard nails, no matter the cause. They also allow the user quite a bit of leverage when handling them. Because they’re five inches long, you can establish a firm grip when clipping.

SP Ableware - Maddak - Press-On™ One-Handed Nail Clipper

Kunash, it's easy enough to buy curved nail scissors, but I think you'll struggle to find a pair that can be used with either hand. Maybe someone else will know of something, though. You say your mother can't use nail clippers. What's the reason for that?

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Strong and durable nail clipper can be used with only one hand. Gentle pressure on the lever easily clips nails. Non-skid bumpers prevent it from sliding. Pistol-Grip Remote Toe-Nail ClipperExtend your reach to your feetClip toenails with easeRight or left hand use… This clipper is a valuable asset to pregnant women, overweight people, the elderly, people with back problems and anyone else with a limited range of motion. The long handle and pistol grip…