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My favorite way of keeping the bed warm at night is with a brick. I used to use a regular brick which works good but soapstone holds the heat longest.

Brass Bed Warmer with Turned Wood Handle and a Metal-mounted Wooden Candle Mold Stand.

Foot Warmer Hot Water Bottle Primitive. This is a very heavy and wide bed warmer. The top with the screw on cap is ,I believe,brass. The whole thing at some point was soldered around the top side seam. | eBay!

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OLD ANTIQUE VINTAGE ** WAFAX COPPER HOT WATER BOTTLE ** SHABBY CHIC BED WARMER We're not sure if this piece is a chestnut pan or an old bed warmer, but we love the hand-forged wrought iron handle! The pan itself is solid brass, and measures about 13" in diameter. The entire piece measures 27 1/2" long end to end. We found no makers marks on this one, though it appears to have had some use.

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Families in the 1700s and 1800s relied on fire to heat their living spaces. Even so, cold drafts were a problem most winter nights. This tool was useful for warming cold sheets on a freezing cold night. Hot ashes from the fireplace are placed in the copper pan, which then is run between the covers. At Hope [Plantation], this type job would have gone to an enslaved house servant. How would you feel about warming up someone else’s soft bed when you had to sleep on an uncomfortable cot — or maybe even the cold floor?

21-year-old is a professional human bed warmer

21-year-old Viktoria Ivachyova is a human be warmer for hire, charging a whopping 4,900 Russian rubles ($82) per night, or 102 700 ($1700) per month to lay down on strangers’ beds and make sure it’s nice and warm when they turn in for the night. Believe it or not, she has already had 10 customers, and with the amount of free publicity she’s getting these days in national media, the unusual service is bound to become more popular. In fact, Viktoria is already planning on putting together a team of female bed warmers to keep up with demand.And in case you’re wondering how on Earth this 21-year-old Muscovite came up with the idea for such a bizarre service, Viktoria Ivachyova told that she read about it in a book by Russian author Anatoly Mariengof. In it, a poet called Sergei Yesenin, paid a female typist to come to his home every morning and lay naked in her bed, under the blankets, for 15 minutes, warming his bed. The whole ritual apparently helped him regain his writing inspiration, and also inspired Ivachyova. After searching online for a similar service, she claims she didn’t find anything like it in the world, so she decided to be the world’s first professional bed warmer. She quickly set up a website, and the rest is history. Using a hot stone or brick heated at the fireside is one way of carrying warmth from the hearth into bed. By the 16th century people were also taking pans filled with smouldering fuel from the fire itself. The well-known brass or copper warming pan on a handle was not the only way of doing this. There were also wooden frames designed to hold pots of fuel inside the bedclothes. (See lower down the page) When Charles Dickens' character Mr. Pickwick called a long-handled brass warming-pan "a useful, and...a comforting article of domestic furniture", he touched on all the snug cosiness we associate with being tucked up in a warm bed. Not everyone approves of warm, comfortable beds, though. Rather like those people who criticised warm , one 18th century doctor disliked warming pans, though he thought hot sand was a helpful alternative to embers for anyone who could not bear a cold bed: