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Intrusive Interstitials Not Allowed on Mobile, But Desktop is Still OK.

Launching the campaign in the lead up to R U OK? Day, 10th September, the telco encouraged people to reach out to others that may be struggling by calling and actually speaking to them. All Virgin Mobile customers were offered free calls on R U OK? Day

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Budget Mobile Oklahoma LifeLine provides free phones for low income families The rules, which the FCC last August but had yet to take effect, essentially prohibited wireless carriers and other ISPs from sharing customers’ personal data with third parties without users’ consent. Mobile network operators have complained that the rule hampered efforts to monetize information on customers’ behavior via advertising, giving internet-based companies such as Facebook and Google—which don’t actually provide broadband services—an unfair edge.

The power of the conversation as told by Aussies (R U OK?) - YouTube

While researchers agree that CBT is an effective treatment for a range of disorders (Bulter, Champman, Forman, & Beck, 2006; Westbrook & Kirk, 2005), they also identify quite a few areas for improvement. These include difficulties with adherence to self-monitoring methods such as using a journal to record feelings toward treatment and issues with homework assignment completion, both of which are common techniques used in CBT (Boschen & Casey, 2008). Furthermore, many patients experience difficulties in applying strategies learned in the clinical setting in the real world, which can increase frustration with treatment and lead to relapse. Researchers believe that in combination with CBT, mobile therapy will address these issues, thereby increasing the effectiveness of therapeutic treatments for many patients (Boschen & Casey, 2008).

A conversation could change a life