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IN HOME TRAINING- Your results will be a calm, obedient, peaceful, long-term positive environment with you and your dog. No more: jumping on guests, potty in the house, incessant barking, digging, chewing, licking, running out the door, counter surfing, pulling on a leash, and overall dog dominant behavior.Puppy Class: 5 weeks - 1 hr per week PRIVATE* sessions at your home

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What is the process involved in service dog training?It generally takes 1–2 years to train a service dog. The dog must be trained to mitigate your disability, and must behave appropriately in public to avoid being removed. This means there are two main facets of service dog training: (1) public access behaviors, and (2) disability-related work and tasks.Also, a good foundation in obedience is highly recommended, and it is your responsibility to learn the laws applicable to where you live—state and federal laws in the United States. See PSDP’s explicit step-by-step guide about for more information about the basic process, and see our the frequently asked questions section on to begin learning about the laws that may apply to you.

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Programs and Prices for Dog Obedience Training Houston TX and surrounding areas As of 4/15/2016, we have decided to do all of our programs in a Board and Train format as this will get the owners and the dogs the best results. We have stopped offering our 5-session Obedience Lifestyle one-on-one training program due to clients’ frequent requests that they wish we had a 1-week program to give them a head start on getting the dogs to understand the basic commands and the tools. Therefore, we have decided to provide such a service and have started our 1-week Board and Train program for select dogs. All of our programs will continue to include one-on-one private coaching, the amount of which varies depending on the length of the Board & Train program you choose.

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The price on our professional "Four Week Obedience Training Course" is $1,600.00 with half down and half at the end. I am up-front with everyone that calls in reference to our competition. Some of our competitors charge half the price of our training and some of them keep the dog half the amount of time. I encourage everyone interested in having your dog trained to check out our competition. Talk to their references and talk to several veterinarians in the area and then make a decision that you are comfortable with. Please feel free to visit "Our Reference List".

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