Willow testing out the new #kong toys ..

Give Each New Toy a “Grand Opening”
A new toy shouldn’t have to compete for attention right off the bat. If you can hide away your cat’s other toys, it focuses the attention on the new play object. Bring out only one new toy at a time. In addition, you’ve probably noticed that your cat has certain times of day when he or she is feeling more energetic — perhaps in the morning or at dusk. If you can tap into that energy, your cat will be more receptive to playing with a new item. With cats that react to catnip, a small puff of KONG Catnip Spray can add to the enticement of a new toy.

We love KONG! So when  asked us if we’d like to give one of their new dog toys a try, we said YES!

We have news from Scified that the official title of the Godzilla Vs. King Kong movie universe has been unveiled. The big reveal comes courtesy of some eagle-eyed shoppers who scoured over the first Kong toys to hit store shelves. On the back of the , under a description of the toy, we see that this new cinematic universe is being aptly referred to as the MonsterVerse. Which, in all honestly, hits a little too close to home in terms of Universal Pictures' Universal Monsters Universe, which kicks off later this year with Tom Cruise's The Mummy.

Willow testing out the new #kong toys 😜 #IACP2016 #Cali.

A treat-dispensing toy with loads of personality! Made using a brightly colored, flexible material, KONG Quest toys deliver a new challenge. Give your growing puppy something to chew on with Puppy KONG Dog Toys. Each puppy KONG toy is specially designed for the small mouths, young jaws and new teeth of your young pup. A top quality rubber dog toy can help sooth teething gums, focus attention and encourage positive chewing behaviors. Stuff your puppy’s new KONG with treats and other goodies make it more appealing. Puppies have an instinctive need to chew. Not only does chewing help relieve stress and anxiety, but it also helps sooth itchy gums during teething. Chew toys for puppies need to be extra tough to stand up to constant gnawing. A puppy KONG toy is specially designed to give your pup a healthy chewing option that feels good. Puppy KONG Dog Toys are made with tough rubber to stand up to constant chewing. The unique shape gives this rubber dog toy an erratic bounce so games of fetch are always fun and unpredictable. You can stuff the toy with goodies like treats and edible pastes to make it even more appealing. Another option is filling this puppy KONG toy with treats and then freezing it, giving your dog an extra challenge that both focuses attention and rewards. Providing your puppy with an appealing chewing option can help encourage positive chewing behavior from a very early age. Use the rubber dog toy to develop good habits early that can be maintained for a lifetime. Puppy KONG Dog Toys come in a variety of sizes so you can find just the right one for your special pup.

Kong: Skull Island Toys Provide New Look At The Skull-Crawlers

If you’re just getting familiar with KONG Pet Toys or happen to be a proud new dog owner; you may not realize the importance of KONG dog toy colors!

New Toys! Elvis, Kong, and Happy Tails - Pet Suites

Here's an epic battle with official toys from the new movie Kong: Skull Island including the 18" Kong, the dino monster(skull crawler), and the giant spider from Lanard toys!

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Artist: Cats will love the thrill of the chase with the new KONG Glide ‘n Seek toy. Magnetic levitation technology brings the feather toy to life—bouncing, jumping and spinning unpredictably. Peek-a-boo holes keep cats guessing as they hunt and chase. Each KONG Glide ‘n Seek includes two AA batteries and two feather toys.