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Hi Annie – yes it will be interesting to see how this plays out. I was a DNA skeptic until I got the results from our Y Chromosome test. As others around the world took that test we began to find cousins that I never knew existed sprinkled around the world. Fortunately some of them had paper records that also documented the links to our mutual family tree. Those results changed my thinking on this – and now I am digging deeper using the testing of multiple countries. I was intrigued at GPS Origins statement that they offer “a new ancestral tracking technique to pinpoint more precisely where your DNA began.” I am intrigued with their results – and glad that I am participating. It will be interesting to see how the ability to analyze DNA tests improves over the next 10 years and what the impact will be as DNA testing becomes the norm for medical, health reasons. It’s a great day for genealogy!

I started by testing my own DNA. And my test results did indeed confirm my Irish roots. (Phew!)

Collecting your DNA is simple and painless. Depending on the testing company, you either brush the inside of your cheek with a swab or spit some saliva into a tube. For example, the MyHeritage DNA test consists of a simple cheek swab that can be completed in minutes. After many successful searches, the current procedures can now be summarized in seven guidelines for adoptees.

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See my  for news and discussions about DNA testing, genealogy and adoption topics. My fiances ex claims that he is the father of her child. She cut off contact with him and moved to NV from OH 2wks before the baby was born. She has lied about the baby’s birthdate, put her (soon to be ex) husbands name on the BC and is refusing to come to court for DNA test. We have a lawyer but it doesn’t seem to be making any sort of difference, except to our bank account. She doesn’t seem to care whether or not she gets in trouble by the law by refusing to come to court. Her other child was taken due to child endangerment charges and we know she is running so she can keep this child. What else can we do?!

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I have been researching my Genealogy for over 10 years & have proof of my ancestors going back 5 generations, but the DNA test barely shows that. Why?

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Note: if you are not a registered member of MyHeritage and would like to activate a DNA kit that was purchased by someone else, click on ‘Sign up for free’ to register in a few simple steps.Unlike an ancestry test which looks at your past, ConnectMyDNA uses modern day demographics and compares your DNA to every country within your selected region to provide your top country matches.One of my favorite tests for genealogy purposes is by Family Tree DNA. That test includes a report originally called . The report is now called myOrigins.After much proven research my grandparents in family trees on Ancestry account. But I was very blessed to have lots of help with It. I found it my maternal grandmother. Only had a few generations to Ireland, so I thought my DNA test would be a lot more Irish! My parents have passed away. My dad said we're always Scottish, so I'm grateful for that! Very surprised how many different blood lines are in my bloodline! For me biggest surprise with South Pacific Polynesian area which are 1st Aboriginal Natives of the island of Hawaiian Islands! Which I'm really happy about. FREEDOM DIANA C. BARNES DNA TESTS. MAY 2017 VIDEO.