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These are also called multi level rabbit cages and have rabbit living spaces that are stacked one above the other. Each layer functions as an independent rabbit cage and these are interconnected with ramps allowing the rabbit to hoppity skip from one level to the other.

To make your life easier I’ve prepared a list of the best stackable rabbit cages / best multi level rabbit cages available:

Look for larger, multi-level rabbit homes offered by some pet supply stores and specialty online retailers. These cages give your bunny a lot of room to move around.

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There are numerous options, varying from large multi-level-cages to an outdoor rabbit run Most rabbit cages are identical in design unless you choose a multi level or tiered cage. So, there’s nothing much to pick from in this regard. Nevertheless, I have picked a few beautifully designed cages in that list. I am sure that design finicky pet parents will find something that will grab eyeballs.

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Cages/Dog Crates: If you buy a commercial cage or dog crate, bigger is better. A cage should be at least four times longer than the rabbit and tall enough to give enough room for him to stretch up—bigger if he's confined there a large part of the day. If your cage has a wire floor, you'll need to provide a floor covering as their feet have no pads to protect them. The cage should have a side door that the rabbit can hop through unassisted. A top door is helpful for times when you need to reach into the cage for cleaning or to remove the rabbit. For the pampered bunny, multi-level bunny condos are available online.

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There are many different bunny cages on the market. Some are roomy with solid bottoms; others are tight with wire bottoms that can injure a rabbit's foot. Mopsy* prefers a high quality multi-level condo, like the ones made by , or a lovingly crafted home-built condo, which he'll show you how to make now.Having lived with two French lops and a group of other bunnies, I have had the privilege to check some of these multi level rabbit cages first hand. We also have a where we meet once in a while bunnies in tow and talk about rabbity things while nibbling on carrots.A multi level Rabbit Hutch for the purpose of meat breeding. Location is North Okanagan BC Canada. Hutch is 12x8x4 and the cages are 11'6x3x20 on the OUTSIDE.Durability: Some multi level rabbit cages are in fact dog crates that can house dogs up to 70 lbs. This means that you can easily keep two adult sized rabbits on the top cage without worrying about the bottom giving away under the weight of the pets. However, if it’s a rabbit cage or a small animal cage, then you should avoid keeping heavy pets in the top crate. Keep them in the lower tiers and house the lightweight rabbits or juveniles in the top tier. If it’s a wire mesh design, look for quality metallic wire that is chew-proof.