5. Spray Microsuede Protection, making sure not to oversaturate.

Microsuede was invented in 1970. Its creators called it "Ultrasuede." Ultrasuede is a trade-mark and brand name, like Coca Cola. Ultrasuede was first patent-protected, very expensive, and limited to high fashion items like handbags and boots. After 1990, when the patent expired, competitors began offering more affordable microsuedes. Microsuede fabric comes in rolls 54" wide by 60 yds long.

OMG so my daughter in about 3 seconds just drew all over my brand new microsuede softa!

im looking for echo control.. but since we are building our own we plan on using the owens corning 703. so it so happens we've crossed that bridge on to the fabric.. Thats why is was asking so many people were saying microsuede isnt the best because of the reflection

Microsuede is soft to the touch.

1. Use an interior cleaning brush to push all the fibers of the microsuede in one direction. In this guide, I'll (1) Define microfibers; (2) Explain the difference between Microfiber and microsuede; (3) Describe the Advantages of Microfiber fabrics; (4) Give you tips for sewing Microfiber fabrics; and (5) Give you tips for Caring for your Microfiber fabric.

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Microfiber Fabrics can be made from polyester, nylon, rayon, acetate or a combination of those fibers. They can be made to resemble many traditional fabrics including silks, suedes, twill or duck (denim-like) and more.

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One of the most significant innovations in fabric technology in recent years is the advent of "Microfibers". When microfibers are used for home decor, the term "microfiber" is often used interchangeably with "microsuede" but there are some differences. Dab up any spills as quickly as possible, being careful not to rub the spill into the fabric. Hand wipes containing alcohol are perfect for spot-treating small accidents like jelly globs or muddy paw prints that get on your microsuede upholstery.Microsuede furniture is soft, durable and attractive, but its solid color and low nap really make spots and drips stand out. So what should you do when you spill coffee on your new sofa, when your dog jumps up on it with muddy paws or your potty-training toddler has an "accident"? Don't panic; microsuede is made out of polyester, and is easy to clean. Just make sure not to soak the fabric, as that can cause water spots that are difficult to get rid of.Wash your microsuede with a product made specifically for that purpose, or use soap with a low ph balance, such as baby shampoo, to give it a good wipe-down. Make certain not to get the fabric too wet—a damp, wrung-out washcloth should be sufficient for applying and wiping away the soap.