The metal bar cage is the most common hamster cage

It is important to choose a cage with narrow bars and with no holes or gaps that will allow them to escape. Metal bars offer more room for mounting houses and on the bars allowing for room underneath for hamsters to roam. Running can be easily attached and made unmovable.

A stainless-steel teaspoon in the cage works for hamsters that have learned to like chewing metal.

Exercise wheel: Because a typical hamster can run about 6 miles (9 km) in one night you need to have an exercise wheel for your cage. This can be a freestanding exercise wheel or one of the kind that attaches to the metal bars on the cage. The freestanding wheel takes up space on the floor of the cage. But even the kind that attaches to the wire walls takes up space inside the cage.

The chew proof 4 story hamster cage has a durable all metal design

Large 4 Story Metal Hamster Cage Crate Home Rat Gerbil Shelves Ramps Chew Proof | eBay Metal hamster cage
Material: low carbon steel wire
Surface treatment: PVC coated, powder coated
Features of the metal hamster cage:
Durable plastic tray for easy clean
Easy fold & dismantle
Convenient door has safety latch
Applications of the metal hamster cage:
Great for pet training or traveling, so important when traveling and fitting them into different cars
This is an ideal, fully furnished cage suitable for hamsters and small animals.
The base and mesh colors are sure to coordinate perfectly with the included accessories.

Glass tank or Metal hamster cage? | Aleš Lombergar

Quick Look:
Cage Width: 16"
Cage Depth: 10"
Cage Height: 11"
Base Material: Plastic
Bar Material: Coated metal
Included Accessories: Woven grass hanging nest, drip water bottle, food dish, solid surface running wheel
Cubic Feet: 1
Suitable Housing For: 1 Dwarf Hamster
Average Price: $25 - $40 New

S109 metal Hamster Cage rat cage rabbit cage

Although hamsters are meant to chew things, metal bars are far from ideal chew toys! Chewing the metal bars of their cage can damage your hamsters teeth and cause them to become misaligned. Misaligned teeth will need regular trimming and, if left untreated, could even grow up into your hamsters brain and kill them!It is best to go for the cages that are larger in size because the ammonia accumulation in a small cage can lead to several problems for the hamster. A large metal wired cage with a solid metal or plastic base is the ideal one for your small fluffy friend. It is best to avoid the all metal wire cage because the chance of the hamster getting injured is quite high in those.If your hamster has plenty of suitable objects to chew on, and something to keep them entertained in their cage, and they still chew bars, then we recommend moving your hamster to an aquarium style home free from any metal bars.Another important thing about metal wire cages is that it is best to look out for the ones which have a solid metal or plastic floor. The holed wire floor is not only dangerous for the hamsters but also lets the poop from away through the gaps, and it becomes very hard to clean it.