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I bought Meow Mix Tuna and Whitefish dry food–and have had 3 of my cats throw up. One threw up again yesterday even though she hasn’t had any for over a week now–and this time it was pure blood. It was too late to get her to the vet last night when I found it. She goes today. One of the other 3 had had bloody mucus in her stools–she went yesterday to the tune of $132. I will NOT buy Meow Mix Tune and Whitefish again–and recommend that no one else buy it. I fear I am going to lose both the 14 year old with bloody mucus yesterday and the 10 year old that threw up blood late yesterday evening. I am waiting to see if any of the others throw up blood. or have bloody stools. I will not buy Meow Mix products any more including the Anti-hairball which they love. I will buy something else for them.

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I am very disturbed by some of these reviews. They can not be real. Jayne says her 13 yr old cat only hate the indoor formula which has not been around that long since I have a 10 yr old cat that has been eating it since they began manufacturing it and it has not been his entire life. He was long past kitten food. Another says their cat bladder was full of crystals despite healthy yearly checks at vet. I have a female cat that had the same problem and she only ate premium dry food. It is caused by not getting enough moisture in diet which can happen with ANY dry food only diet. My vet found the problem in routine check up long before she was displaying any obvious symptoms so I wonder about these healthy check ups this person claims to have had. It amazes me that I have fed this food to the strays for years and the are all amazingly still alive without any vet care. I have some that have been eating it for almost a decade. I mean if it was going to cause cancer or these other horrible diseases would it not get them first. Also it is the biggest selling cat food t both my local Walmart & Target store. I have stopped and asked 100 plus people if they have noticed any symptoms. Not one has. Not a single person. I have 12 pets so I am at the vet office regularly for check ups and flea treatments. Many people are their with cats with similar problems that are on speciality diets from the vet. Foods like Wellness act. So when an animal as the problem on those diets what is it then? I am disappointed that we cannot have honest real reviews available to people instead of paranoia and possible intentional lies. For the record I have had the best of luck with the meow mix formulas. All my cats are very healthy and happy. I have one cat that does not seem to do as well on it so I food him cat chow. I do not blame meow mix I just think it is him.

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The reference for the ingredient list for Meow Mix Original Choice Dry Cat Food is from My cat loves this brand of cat food and it seems to be gone 99% of the time. I have a 2yr old indoor cat and she comes running when i pull out the meow mix! I have tried other brands and have no seen such results as I do when using this. I have been buying meow mix for many years and it always on sell at the major stores or has manufactures coupon. I usually buy the bag of the 7-8oz and its gone in about three weeks. The actually food is smaller in size then other brands.
While I don't think its the brand with the high nutritional value for a cat its affordable and keeps my cat full and happy. I wouldnt recommend this for very small kittens. The pieces can be very dry at times and hard for the little ones to eat.

Quality of Ingredients
While I have never actually read the back of the package I can guess by price its not the most healthy brand. If my cat not complaining then it is a go for me.

Flavor Selection
There is alot of flavors and varieties My cat goes nuts when I buy the chicken and tuna flavors/

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Some people here are talking about the wet Meow Mix, which actually is pretty okay. What this article is talking about and what is bad is the dry food Meow Mix. It’s a shame that they even have the same name on them really as they aren’t close to the same as each other.

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