Name, Carlene Henderson, National Certified Master Groomer.

Kathy Sanders is a National Certified Master Groomer with over 35 years of dog grooming experience, teaching and shop start ups. Groomadog Academy is an on-campus academy learning facility that covers all aspects of the dog grooming industry from grooming dogs to starting your own dog grooming business. In addition to hands on learning, Kathy Sanders has authored instructional books, videos and detailed grooming images for her classes to learn by.

*National Certified Master Dog Groomer (NCMG) with the National Dog Groomers Association of America

A CMG, from whatever organization it is obtained, is an acknowledgment of skill level, and working knowledge. There are several national groomers' organizations which offer CMGs, for which, yes, you have to pay for the opportunity to be tested, both in practical (as in doing a groom)and written knowledge. To be awarded a CMG, you need to be able to put a correct trim on several basic types of dogs, typically a spaniel(English cocker, English springer or cocker), a long legged terrier (miniature schnauzer, Wirehaired Fox terrier), a scissored poodle (or bichon), a patterned poodle, and a shortlegged terrier (scottie or westie). There may be other breed options available by this time; I acquired my NCMG several years ago. To go with the practical exams, for which you have to supply your own dogs, there is also an extensive written exam which tests your general dog knowledge. The main text from which the questions are drawn is the AKC Dog Book. Questions can be general or specific, about a breed or group, or about physical characteristics, or breed identification. The written test is long and involved, and requires study to pass, if you don't have a huge built-up bank of knowledge. If you don't own the AKC Book, it is a good investment. NCMG is a designation of one organization. It translates as Nationally Certified Master Groomer. I said I acquired mine several years ago. I can no longer claim the designation, as I allowed my certification to lapse last year. There are several fee schedules, depending on the organization which you chose to work with, for maintaining and renewing your CMG. In a (fairly large)nutshell...this is what constitutes a CMG.

Glamour Paws - Master Groomer? - Weatherford, TX

*National Certified Master Dog Groomer from the (National Groomers Association of America) Karla Addington-Smith is the owner of , which provides . Her dog grooming career spans 40 years. She is a National Certified Master Groomer, International Contest Judge, former GroomTeam USA member and an award winning author.

Leann Stacey, Master Groomer, has thirty years of grooming experience

HealthePets is proud to offer you full-time grooming services from Master Groomers Celeste Marafino and Jacqueline Harris. Celeste and Jacquie both earned their Master All Breed Grooming Certification from the renowned Star Academy. Both groomers are on-site full-time.

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