They're ferrets are from Marshall Farms and they are 4-6 weeks old

So when I called Marshall Farms to let them know that my 6 month old baby had just died from a heart attack caused by extremely low blood sugar, the lady was practically accusatory and began to ask me what I fed him. (You have to feed them the Marshall Farms food for the first year or you void the warranty.) She then asked me what kind of treats I gave him. She asked if I gave him milk, candy, fruit, etc. I told her he was extremely picky and wouldn't eat treats. So picky in fact, that he wouldn't even eat the Marshall Farms Bandits Ferret Treats. After talking with the vet tech, she said the reason he was probably so picky is he was born with this tumor and suffered with it from birth and it just got worse and worse and didn't want to deal with the treats. (Don't ask me--I'm not a specialist)

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I am concerned with the lifespan of ferrets. I've heard that ferrets bred from Marshall Farms don't live as long as other ferrets. Is this a true statement, and if so, how can I avoid purchasing / identify ferrets bred there?

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If your ferret has two blue dots tattooed in his right ear, chances are he’s from Marshall Farms. Other criticisms are directed at the health care and living conditions of Marshall Farms' breeding population. Some groups have accused large-scale breeders like Marshall of separating ferret kits from their mothers and sending them to pet shops at too young an age, sometimes before they are fully weaned. As a result, several states have passed laws raising the minimum age of ferrets transported by commercial farms; a petition to the U.S. Department of Agriculture submitted in 2004 seeks to make such regulations applicable nationally.

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Seek out private breeders. Petco gets their ferrets from Marshalls Farms. They breed them for experimentation, and testing also. Ferrets that do not sell, are killed. I have 3 now. Two from a local rescue. One sable and two chocolates. The ferrets that Petco gets are standard colors. Panda and black are not as plentiful. You can identify a Marshalls ferret by blue dot tatoo in or near the ears. The last ferret I got was from a Petco. It was Christmas eve. He was the last one in the display cage. The store was about to close. His fate was sealed if he wasn't bought. I got him at half price, and his name is Christmas. He is a pure bundle of joy.

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The reason they do this is so they can ship them to pet stores while they're still small and cute. Ferrets have a HUGE growth spurt at 5 weeks, so the decision for Marshall Farms to alter them earlier is because of that. The kits ears and eyes aren't even open at the time of the surgery.Marshal Farms engages in breeding practices that place an unhealthy strain on their jills(female ferrets). They use altered, artificial, lighting to bring them into heat three times a year so that they can maximize their production at the expense of the health of their breeder ferrets. Typically, this treatment results in two and a half years of productivity after which time Marshall Farms destroys them as they can no longer breed, and are no longer profitable commodities.