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“I looked at a map of other bike shops and saw growth potential in Marion,” he said. “I knew I could do exactly what I did in Rapid City if I could find the right spot.”

Shops include Ace Hardware, Diane’s Hallmark, Dickey's Barbaque, Dollar General, SOL Bi...

Great shopping centre. The concierge desk is always very helpful. Huge variety of smaller shops as well as the larger shops including KMart, Target, BigW, Coles etc.

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Constance Boutique, Constance Boutique Marion Indiana, boutique shops Marion .. The specialty shops in Marion County are a treasure trove. Sort through shelves of antiques and collectibles, and decorate your home with the burlap hues of Appalachian primitive crafts. Pick out hand-blown glassware, artisan-spun pottery and expertly crafted jewelry. Give your home a dash of color with a modern piece of abstract art, and give yourself a fashionable flair with upscale trends and accessories. Seek out something special to you.

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Go shopping and stroll the and browse boutiques, gift shops and antique storefronts in Ocala or take in the local charm of nearby , , and , exploring a variety of specialty shops and flea markets. You never know what you might find.

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Welcome to the Marion Antique Shop, one of the oldest and most active shops in New England, offering a fine selection of antiques at reasonable prices including a large selection of antique wicker furniture. We provide certified appraisal services for insurance purposes, estate settlement and divorce settlement. We offer complete antique and estate liquidation services. We make every effort to select the right method of liquidation needed for our clients, so they receive maximum return. Our professional staff provides the highest level of personalized service available today.Marion is a great place to shop. It's got everything; department stores, outdoor, travel, brand name boutiques, decor, car care etc. Very convenient, and always fun exploring the shops.

Unfortunately, a lot of my recent visits, I have encountered rude sales staff, as well as other members of public. Perhaps it's because Marion is located in a high SES area, and when I go shopping, I prefer to be comfy, so I'm the judged on my looks. It would seem that perhaps I look too poor to shop there. I've overheard sales staff say whoops for accidentally greeting a customer twice, when I haven't even been said hello to once. I've had people in the car park be rude and act like they own the place. There have been times where I clearly the bane of someone's day, when they're not even trying to hide their dislike of assisting me.

I've never had this kind of behavior occur in other retail places. I won't be visiting Marion again for a very long time, if ever.

So shoppers beware; dress like you're going out, don't forget hair and make up, and it probably helps if you're Caucasian.