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Whether you're looking for live crickets for your favorite pet or frozen crickets for yourself, Top Hat Cricket is the premier online source for bulk crickets. Focusing on Gryllodes sigillatus, a particularly hearty and AdDNV-resistant species, our crickets are the best option for buyers that are interested in a healthy, long-lasting food source. To learn more about our products, browse our online store and explore wholesale options, select an item from the options below.

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1. How do you feed the live cricket to hedgies? With them jumping around like that... Actress Zaida Pugh said the live crickets and worms that were released on the D train earlier this week was all performance art and the bugs were just a way to grab people’s attention.

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The second shipment of crickets seemed to contain more crickets than the first and last shipment....also the second shipment lived longer....that may be due to using the total bits and oranges and other fruits and vegetables.

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