Why play with a boring old pigskin football when you could send a light-up NightBall spiraling through the sky? That’s right, the Tangle Matrix NightBall actually glows-in-the-dark, and the best part is that the more you throw, the more it glows. This football has a built-in LED light that won’t wear out so you never need to stop playing to refill batteries. The light will shine when the ball is thrown, caught, and spiraling through the air and it’s bright enough to be seen on a pitch black night, allowing you to keep the fun going after dark.

The Reboot Sports Magma Light up Football will be available April 1st. They turned you fantastic!

We are pleased to announce our newest product, the Reboot Sports Light up Football. It is a youth size 6 football. Perfect size for kids, and a lot of fun for adults!

GlowCity LED_Football LED Light Up Football - Sears

Reboot Sports Magma Light up Football. Impact activated, super bright / rugged LED. Product Info: The Night Zone XL Light Up Football is a 9 inch rubber foam football that lights up in the dark. Easy grip design makes it perfect for little hands to hold on to. This football is great for outdoor play at any time of the day but the added cool light up feature makes it fun for nighttime play. Now you don’t have to worry if the neighborhood game goes overtime, we have a ball that lights up!

Light-Up Football, Official Size, by TealCo Night Sports - YouTube

Luminator Light Up Football (Kidpower, $10 at discount stores).You'll have it made in the shade...and at dusk...with this football. It's a ball, it's a bulb, and you'll always know where the ball is. (The easily replace-able 9-volt battery isn't included.)

Light Up Football with Sound - 12 per pack - Small Toys

It’s always a pleasure to throw around a ball with your pals, and with this impacted activated light up football you’ll be throwing it around all night.We get an email every couple of days asking how to change the batteries in our LED lighted footballs. It’s very easy to do, and it requires no tools that you don’t already have sitting around, so here’s how it’s done!Trouble Shooting –
If your Magma Light up Football is not staying lit for 30 seconds / dim / blinking or shutting off on impact / or not functioning at all –You will need one (1) ball point pen and one (1) dime, penny, or broad flathead screwdriver*. Any items of similar shape and strength will be fine. You will also need a light up football and batteries.The Coop Reactorz Micro Football is a light up football made with reactive light technology! This 9-inch toy football emits a burst of light with every touch, tap, throw or kick. These footballs are great for kids birthday parties and playing catch with friends.College Basketball 2013-14 Pump Up:

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