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Some bearded dragons have a gene mutation preventing their scales from fully developing. As a result these guys have more small scales, giving them a smooth look and feel. Selective breeding not only perpetuates the smooth finish, but also provides a variety of color options for this kind of dragon. Leatherbacks still can have spikes, some with most of their side spikes and others with very few spikes on the side.

Pictured are some of our red/orange Hypo Translucent Leatherback Bearded Dragons.

Citrus has been crossed into multiple bloodlines and colors which can be found interspersed throughout our colony. This includes our Hypo, Translucent, Hypo Translucent, Leatherback and Dunner lines. Pictured below are a few of our Citrus bearded dragons from various lines and genetics. This is by no means the entirety of our Citrus lines – but a smattering of some of the animals we work with and breed.


Bearded dragon BamBam .... Red male 100% double het Italian leather back DUNNER Translucent bearded dragons are again a result of genetic disorder. In fact they were available years ago, but the genetic strength of this line was very week. However, after years of out crossing and increasing the strength of the bloodline translucent’s are one of the most visually stunning bearded dragons you can buy, especially translucent leatherbacks. Translucent dragons carry large pieces of translucent (transparent) skin. It’s most extreme in young animals where you can hold them up to a light and see the results for yourself, with age however, the skin will thicken, and the translucent appearance will reduce and remains to some extent (especially evident on the spikes).

Leatherbacks – What is a leatherback bearded dragon?

The lateral spines are also absent from these animals, they do look visually different to a normal bearded dragon and have a mixed reception in the reptile world. However, a lot of this is from the misunderstanding of how the silkback has come into being as many believe it’s a result of a generation of inbreeding, but in fact like the leatherback it was a result of a fluke.

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This is a co-dominant genetic disorder that is characterised by visibly smaller scales and reduced spikes along the sides and around the neck and beard. The back is also smooth, feeling like leather, hence the name. As this is a co-dominant gene, only one of the parents needs to carry the gene to pass on the disorder to some of the offspring. Pairing a leather with a normal will produce leather and normal offspring. Pairing two leathers together will produce leather and normal scale offspring, as well as some silkbacks, which is the dominant form of the leatherback gene. If a dragon is not displaying the leatherback characteristics, then it does not carry the gene.A few of our adorable baby Leatherback Bearded Dragons! For pricing and availability, please visit our website at

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Sign up for our FREE online newsletter, the Reptile Times! Unboxing Witten's Tangerine Leatherback Bearded Dragon. Yoshi was hatched on 9/25/14 at Rainbow Dragons. At the time of opening he is 7 months and about 14 inches long.Leatherback bearded dragons are like normal bearded dragon morphs, but have an absence or reduction of the tubercles (rough scales) on the dragons back which give them a leathery like appearance. They are relatively expensive in the market because there are simply not many and usually the colors of a leatherback are sometimes greater than of a normal. This is due to the reduced tubercles, which make the colors show through better and are a line of bearded dragons I have come to love and specialize in.