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As a newbie, you have dozens of questions. And some of the most critical ones are concerning those ball python cages you are dying to purchase. Selecting python cages or large snake terrariums is a significant step. This proves you are serious about your new hobby. No one purchases a boa cage or corn snake cage so it can remain empty on their back porch. Of course not. Instead, people buy ball python cages to fill them with snakes!

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If you plan on housing a large python or other sizable snake, you will need several large snake cages. Your snake terrarium should be big enough for your pet to move around. You also need room for feeding dishes, water dishes, and furniture such as rocks, logs and plants.

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Large Snake Terrariums Live plants are very helpful to ensure a natural environment for the snake. It depends on how large your snake cage is. But then, they can be relaxing and very comfortable. Choosing some plants seems simple, but it is not at all. First of all, the respective plants are supposed to resist in those conditions. Moreover, learn about your specie and make sure it will not chew, destroy or eat the live plants. Most importantly, choose nontoxic plants. The larger your cage is, the more opportunities you have from this point of view. For instance, a naturalistic terrarium waterfall kit might be very appealing, as long as the snake specie loves water. Things like these are not helpful for the animal only, but also for the overall decor.

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that shows a hatching California kingsnake — a newborn baby snake — that I put into a fairly large terrarium. The snake cage is clearly much larger than the animal it is housing. But this little kingsnake has done just fine. A few months have passed since I first put it into this snake cage, and it is eating and growing consistently. The key, of course, is that it has plenty of places to hide. You’ll hear me repeat that, because it’s an important aspect of a snake’s environment. They need hiding places within the cage.

Plants can make your snake cages look like a regular jungle

Let's talk about the size of your corn snake's cage. Babies can be housed in a 10-gallon glass terrarium or shoebox-sized plastic enclosure. But they will soon outgrow these conditions. An adult corn snake should be kept in at least a 30-gallon terrarium or a two-foot wide plastic cage. If you can afford a larger cage for your pet snake, by all means use it. The more space you can give your adult corn, the better. I keep my adults in plastic Vision cages that are 3 feet wide, 2 feet deep, and 18 inches high. These cages can comfortably accommodate even the largest corn snake specimens.Selecting the floor plans for a new house can be a daunting task. You don’t want to make a mistake. After all, this is your dream home and you want it to be perfect. A lot of pressure is involved. The same holds true when purchasing large snake terrariums or ball python enclosures. This is an important decision for as number of reasons: