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The photo above shows my old litter tray at the top, which was sold as extra large, and next to it, a plastic storage box which I bought for £9 in my local DIY shop. I put them out in my porch entrance to show you the differences in size. The storage box got the paws up from my cats and now they will have plenty of space to dig, cover and manoeuvre, as well as see all around them whilst doing so.

This extra large tray provides extra room compared to our normal litter trays.

Trays underneath the litter box can also help. I’ve used a large plastic washing machine tray under the litter box, which helped keep the scatter from spreading.

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Petmate Stayfresh Cat Litter Tray Large Grey Large, 60%OFF , hot sale 2016 , outlet. Our final entry in the covered litter box category is this refined, modern option. The enclosure here is a high-quality stain resistant plastic that looks even better in person than in pictures. The litter box sits in a slide-out tray to make litter cleaning quick and easy. Inside, there are plastic guards that direct litter back into the pan from digging cats. The description on this item says large capacity, but that is debatable. The pan itself measures 13 inches wide by 17.5 inches long by four inches tall, which we think is a bit on the small side, especially for multi-cat households. The overall structure measures 18.43 inches wide by 21.46 inches long by 15.87 inches high. That being said, if you only have one cat, this stylish but small option might be the perfect choice. In addition to this Metallic Silver, the Kitty A Go Go comes in , , , , and finishes.

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The sifting litter tray could offer a welcome convenience to multi-cat (thus multi-box) households by relieving the need to stoop over boxes and comb through litter for tiny lumps. Additionally, Luuup’s uniquely rounded corners and large slots make it appear as if some of other problems, such as clumps getting stuck in grates, might be less likely to occur.

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This gigantic litter tray also is suitable for multi-cat homes, even if the cats aren't extra large breed cats (though this box is a bit too high for short legged cats to easily get into.) Of course, in a multi-cat home one needs more than one litter box. But if there are a great number of cats, this very large litter box can help reduce the number of individual smaller litter trays. • Tray: The cat litter tray is big and deep, so that larger cats have plenty of room. The lid can be removed from the tray for easy cleaning.
• Lid: A …