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However, I had one bigger anole who kept 'bullying' the others so I took him out for now and put him in a large Kritter Keeper. I know he's a male, and I know one of my anoles is a female, but not sure about the other. The pet store I got the 3rd one from said it's female, but it head-bobs and flashes the dewlap at the male all the time (and he does the same, which causes the male to chase this one and bite at him/her)

In a large kritter keeper you can raise about 8 caterpillars, and up to 10 in a pinch. good luck!

Our round Lee's Kritter Keepers feature snap-tight lids with airline access hole (except small size), and matching pedestal stand. All lids have hinged viewer/feeder windows and the large size has an attachment hole.

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LEE'S KRITTER KEEPER – large Rectangular Kritter Keepers have self-locking lids with hinged viewer/ feeder windows.
Capacity: 5.90 GAlarge. Size: 15 3/4-inch large by 9 3/8-inch width by 12 1/2-inch height.
Kritter Keepers have well-ventilated lids in assorted colors.

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A heat pad under a Kritter keeper will heat up the entire enclosure to a dangerous level, is this for the little girl you got from me?, just the warmest spot in the house will be fine, otherwise pickup a 10 gal. aqua. w. screen top, heat pad under one half of the tank will be fine, get a good digital therm. and monitor the temps, before you place her in it. I had her in a large kritter keeper, in the lizard room, overall room temps during the day are 83/84 and drop to 77 at night, she's pretty close in size to move up to a 10 gal.

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First of all, lets talk about Kritter Keepers. When you purchase a baby or juvenile gecko, you want to house them in a rather small enclosure until they are bigger. The reason for this is babies can easily get lost in an overly large tank and will not be able to find their food. Thus, Kritter Keepers are recommended until your juvenile is around 10 grams. It is a good idea to get a small gram scale (available online or at office supply/kitchen supply stores) to monitor your geckos' weight. Small to Medium Kritter Keepers are ideal for a single baby gecko under 10 grams and can be purchased at any pet store.2.) : Before buying a tarantula enclosure, read the article: “The Tarantula Enclosure” on this site. It has a lot of useful information to help you pick the right type and size enclosure for the tarantula that you plan to keep as a pet. Below are a number of products that work well as tarantula enclosures. The “Lee’s Kritter Keeper” comes in a variety of sizes that can be used to house small to large tarantulas.You can keep your tarantula in a very simple and inexpensive plastic container with numerous air holes in the sides and lid, or a more expensive glass terrarium container with a screen lid. Perhaps the most popular tarantula cage is the plastic Kritter Keeper™ or Herp Haven™. These small terrariums have a snap-on well-ventilated lid with an access door. They can be found at most pet shops and some superstores, and there are some new models that are shorter in height and excellent for terrestrial tarantulas. These low-profile models are marketed with names like "Lizard Lounge" or "Breeder Box". Clear, plastic storage containers, which are sold as shoe boxes, sweater boxes, etc. and manufactured by companies like Rubbermaid™ and Sterilite™ are very popular with tarantula breeders and others housing large numbers of tarantulas. They don't make for very attractive displays, but with the addition of ventilation holes drilled in the sides and top they make very functional tarantula enclosures.However, the lids of critter keepers are not very adequate for housing a mouse. The lid is made of soft, easily chewable plastic. Mice have no trouble jumping to the lid, hanging on, and chewing their way out in very little time at all. If a mouse decides to do this, it is very likely that you will not catch them before they have escaped. Kritter Keepers can be modified for safety, however. Wire mesh can be cut to line the lid of a Kritter Keeper and secured on, making it so a mouse can not chew out. The mesh can be secured into place with hot glue generously applied, as seen in this picture to the left (click picture to enlarge).