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"Good boy! Someone deserves a treat!" Reward your pup with delicious Brown Rice & Lamb Meal Dog Treats from Natural Balance every time those puppy dog eyes melt your heart. They contain high-quality, limited ingredients that help avoid allergic reactions. Brown rice is an excellent source of fiber and essential oils, and the crunchy bites clean Angel's teeth as she chews. Tasty, wholesome indulgence in every tempting treat!

Thanks, Karen. I love when the treats are super easy to make like these lamb pretzels.

If a treat could be compared to popcorn, this would be it. These bite size cubes are great for all sizes and ages of dogs. Their softer texture makes it easier for dogs both young and old to enjoy. Lung is the sole ingredient for this product which is a natural source of high protein and a great treat for dogs on a lamb diet. This product is packaged in a resealable pouch to help keep these treats fresh. Reward your dog with this nutritional Merrick treat!

Lamb Dog Treats, Soft and Tender, NutriSource

Whatàs so valuable about Dogswell Vitality Meatballs Lamb Recipe Treats? Find out here : Barkworthies Lamb Ribs are all-natural dog treats made from free-range, grass-fed lamb. High in protein and low in fat, these Lamb Ribs are a special treat for any pup but make a great hypoallergenic dog treat, too. Healthy and 100% safe for dogs, Barkworthies Lamb Ribs contain no chemicals, hormones or additives. Made only of all-natural lamb, the chewing of these single-ingredient chews helps prevent tartar build up and promotes better breath! Ranging from 6 to 7 inches, Barkworthies Lamb Ribs are ideal for small to medium-sized pups, though enjoyed by dogs of all sizes. Barkworthies Lamb Ribs are a delicious way to keep your dog healthy yet satisfied.

Lamb Dog Treats from NutriSource are soft and tender

Similar to Solid Gold's Lamb Jerky, Tiny Tots are smaller in size to accommodate smaller dogs. Tiny Tots are made with lamb, brown rice, oats, tapioca and cinnamon for a treat your dog will come running for.

Merrick Soft and Chewy Treats- Lamb Training ..

NutriSource® Soft & Tender Treats are made with real lamb. These tasty treats work great as a training reward that your dog will crave!Want to know why we call them Strips? Because they're stripped down to just the good stuff. Made with delicious 100% USA-sourced lamb, these treats are natural with added Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Happy Hips are easy to portion and help keep your dog feeling healthy and happy. If only humans had it so good. It's okay if you're a little jealous.LA-based company Pet Center, Inc. is voluntarily recalling their Lamb Crunchy’s dog treats due to Salmonella contamination. The treats were sold in California, Colorado, Washington, and Wisconsin.Fresh, nutrient-dense treats with 100% free-range, single-sourced lamb! These chews are gently freeze-dried to lock in more nutrition and natural flavor.

Ingredients: Lamb liver (fresh or raw, 55%), lamb meat (fresh or raw, 35%), lamb tripe (fresh or raw, 10%).