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We proudly offer beef jerky from some of America's most popular brands: Jacks Link's, Trail's Best, and Bull's. All of these companies proudly make their jerky in the United States. We sell traditional strip jerky and jerky snack sticks in a range of flavors, including original, teriyaki, peppered, hot, and beef and cheese.

24 pack Venison Jerky Regular(1/2 oz. each, packed inclear plastic container)

Wow!!! I LOVE beef jerky and this is the BEST price I have ever seen! This website sells some other cool Kosher products also. Thanks kosheronabudget for posting. This website is awesome.

Jerky — Nick's Sticks — All the Goodness. None of the Garbage.

24 pack Venison Jerky Hot(1/2 oz. each, packed inclear plastic container) Once your jerky is dry, you can then enjoy! Be sure to store for it in an air tight container. For longer lasting jerky you can store it in the fridge or even the freezer.

Meat Snack Sticks | Mountain America Jerky

After your meat has had time to marinate in the seasonings; it is time to shape it into jerky sticks. The Hi Mountain jerky seasoning mixture has instructions on how to do this without any tools. But I happen to have a Jerky gun that came with my dehydrator and it makes it a lot easier. Hi Mountain also has a and many other jerky making accessories at very affordable prices.

Beef Jerky Sticks - Plain 6-8 sticks (8 oz

Why does beef jerky exist? Why does any dried or dehydrated product exist? There are a couple reasons, but the main one is to increase the amount of time that product is still able to be consumed safely. It seems like a lot of people equate products like jerky or dried fruit with being indefinitely […]We have a wide selection of meat sticks and smokies for sale, including buffalo, elk, venison and beef jerky. We only sell the most delicious jerky sticks, and we have a selection of wild game meat sticks for sale, including jalapeno smokies and hot venison sticks. Our smoked meat sticks are slow-dried and lightly seasoned to provide the intense flavor and perfect texture you’ve come to expect from Mr. & Mrs. Jerky. Looking for another way to earn some money for your group when fruit is not in season? Try our delicious meat sticks and jerky snacks! Our Ole’ Smokies are a premium twist-end meat stick with a great old-fashioned quality and soft meaty texture. Both items are perfect for the classroom and ideal for concession stands, school stores, fairs and band camp. Available in 10 distinctive flavors, customers of all ages love them! Each 1.25-oz stick is individually wrapped and packed, with 24 sticks per plastic tub.I have had the Jerky and the beef sticks and they are both great. Crafted Kosher is a pretty cool site. They have a bunch of stuff that I cant wait to try.