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Summer is almost here and every year thousands of Dachshund owners flock to specialty sites like to get a Dachshund Life Jacket for their beloved wiener dog. This past Memorial Day weekend should be a reminder that even pets need water safety.

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The is a must for water safety! Around the pool, at the lake, the beach, a pond and on boats...pet owners can never be too careful. While Dachshunds can swim, they can also tire. Life jackets are a must for Dachshunds to have an enjoyable and care-free wet summer.

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A coat made for dachshunds! Yay. (snow is cold and Twix is to long for most dog jackets) love. Check out Crusoe's new merch store at

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Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund takes a fun stroll in the rain with his new umbrella and rain jacket costume for a dachshund, hand-made by his Dad. Just goes to show that even a wiener dog can enjoy the rain sometimes!

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Let everyone know that your heart belongs to your "Doxie" with our expertly designed Dachshund clothing that you'll never find in stores. Delightful Dachshunds grace the front of our unique tote bags, handbags, jackets, wallets, and other stylish and useful apparel and accessories. Since you can't take your Dachshund friend with you everywhere you go, bringing along one of our Dachshund-themed items is the next best thing! Visit our selection of heartwarming Dachshund apparel to make any dog-lover's fondness for the breed a fashion statement. Shop Now!

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have been my trusted provider of made-for-dachshund coats, harnesses, and accessories since I was a puppy! They’re US-made, high quality, and they fit our long little bodies just great! If you ever found it difficult to get a jacket that fits your doxie just right, well, try Noodle and Friends.When it comes to dog life jacket, I am quite an expert in this topic given how it has saved my dog’s life (read my previous to see the details of that incident). In fact, I even bought a second one to make sure that my dog had the best life jacket for his safety (again, read my review of ). Hence, if you are looking for a recommendation on what is the best life vest for dachshunds, you have come to the right place.One of the questions I get most often is “Do you have any recommendations for jackets that fit Dachshunds well”? Since winter is approaching I thought this would be a good time to list …Whether you opt for a coat, a jacket or a sweater, the fit must be snug. Avoid extra tight clothes, even if they look fit. The dog will not feel comfortable due to not being able to move. Plus, putting them on will be challenging and can lead to injuries. The real challenge targets the dog’s height and length though. Dachshunds are short by nature, so the bottom part of such clothes must be relatively thin. It should not get caught while the dog walks or runs. Do not forget about the need to eliminate. The respective apparel must end around the waist.